150+ Cartoon Trivia Questions: Test Your Toon Smarts

Do you consider yourself a cartoon connoisseur? Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite animated characters? Prepare to put your toon smarts to the test with our extensive list of cartoon trivia questions! From classic animated shows to modern favorites, this ultimate trivia challenge is sure to bring back nostalgic memories and challenge your knowledge.

Get ready to dive into the world of cartoons as we explore everything from Disney and Pixar classics to famous cartoon quotes and animated movie characters. Grab a pen and paper, gather your friends or family, and let’s see if you have what it takes to ace our cartoon character quiz!

Disney Trivia Questions

Disney has created a magical world of animation with beloved characters and timeless stories. Dive into the enchanting realm of Disney with this section dedicated to Disney trivia questions that will test your knowledge of animation classics and iconic villains and heroes.

Disney Animation Classics

Take a trip down memory lane and answer questions about beloved Disney animation classics. From the magical adventures of Mickey Mouse to the heartwarming tale of Cinderella, how well do you know these timeless stories? Put your Disney knowledge to the test and see if you can recall the memorable moments and enchanting characters that have captured the hearts of millions.

Disney Villains and Heroes

No animated film is complete without a compelling cast of heroes and villains. Can you name the formidable foes that have challenged our favorite Disney protagonists? From Scar in The Lion King to Ursula in The Little Mermaid, test your knowledge of these iconic villains and see if you can recall the heroes who triumphed over evil. It’s time to prove that you know the true heroes and dastardly villains of the Disney universe.

Ready to Put Your Disney Knowledge to the Test?

Now that you’ve explored the world of Disney animation classics, heroes, and villains, it’s time to put your Disney knowledge to the test. Challenge your friends and family to a Disney trivia showdown and see who reigns supreme as the ultimate Disney aficionado. Don’t forget to share your results and spread the magic of Disney!

Pixar Trivia Questions

Pixar has revolutionized animation with its groundbreaking films. This section is dedicated to Pixar trivia questions that will put your knowledge to the test. From Pixar pioneers to Disney Pixar shorts, explore the world of animation and uncover fascinating facts and details.

Pixar Pioneers

One of Pixar’s greatest achievements is creating memorable films that have become timeless classics. Dive into the world of Pixar pioneers and their iconic works. Can you answer these trivia questions about their groundbreaking films?

Pixar Pioneers Trivia Question
Finding Nemo What is the name of Nemo’s father?
Toy Story Who is Woody’s loyal sidekick?
The Incredibles What is the name of Dash’s superpower?
Up What is the name of the boy scout who befriends Carl?
Inside Out What are the five emotions inside Riley’s mind?

Disney Pixar Shorts

In addition to feature-length films, Disney Pixar has also produced a collection of heartwarming shorts that capture the essence of storytelling in just a few minutes. Test your knowledge of these beloved shorts with these trivia questions.

  1. What is the name of the short film that played before The Incredibles?
  2. In the short film Piper, what type of bird is the main character?
  3. Which Disney Pixar short features a lost kitten and a mischievous pug?
  4. What is the name of the boy in the short film La Luna?
  5. In the short film Lou, what is Lou made of?

Now that you’ve explored the world of Pixar and tested your knowledge with these trivia questions, get ready to dive into the world of classic cartoons in the next section!

Pixar Trivia Questions Image

Classic Cartoon Trivia Questions

Do you consider yourself a true cartoon connoisseur? Put your knowledge to the test with our classic cartoon trivia questions! This section will take you on a trip down memory lane as we explore beloved characters and TV shows from the golden age of animation. From Looney Tunes to Tom and Jerry, these timeless classics have left an indelible mark on pop culture.

Get ready to challenge yourself with a mix of easy and tricky questions that will separate the casual viewers from the die-hard fans. Let’s dive into the world of classic cartoon TV shows and see how much you remember!

Question 1:

Which classic cartoon character is known for his catchphrase, “What’s up, doc?”?

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Bugs Bunny
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants
  4. Popeye

Question 2:

In the classic TV show “The Flintstones,” what is the name of Fred Flintstone’s best friend and neighbor?

  1. Barney Rubble
  2. George Jetson
  3. Yogi Bear
  4. Shaggy Rogers

Question 3:

Which classic cartoon TV show features a rivalry between a clever mouse and a clueless cat?

  1. Looney Tunes
  2. Tom and Jerry
  3. Pinky and the Brain
  4. Ren and Stimpy

Keep testing your knowledge with more classic cartoon trivia questions in the table below!

Question Answer
Which classic cartoon character lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants
What is the name of the classic cartoon TV show featuring a mischievous rabbit and his hunter nemesis? Bugs Bunny
In the Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” what is the name of the prince? Prince Florian

Now that you’ve tested your knowledge of classic cartoon TV shows, it’s time to delve into the enchanting world of Disney princesses. Brush up on your Disney princess trivia in the next section!

Animated Movie Trivia Questions

Animated movies have captivated audiences of all ages with their memorable characters and captivating stories. From enchanting musicals to thrilling action-packed adventures, these films have become timeless classics. This section of our trivia quiz will put your knowledge of famous animated movies and Disney’s foray into live-action films to the test.

  1. Which beloved animated movie tells the story of a young lion prince named Simba?
  2. In The Little Mermaid, what is the name of Ariel’s best friend and confidante?
  3. What 2013 Disney film features sisters Elsa and Anna and the popular song “Let It Go”?
  4. In the Pixar film Toy Story, what is the name of the cowboy doll who is the leader of Andy’s toys?
  5. Which Disney animated movie is set in the fictional city of Agrabah and follows the adventures of a young street urchin named Aladdin?
  6. What is the title of the 1994 Disney film that follows the journey of the young lion prince Simba?
  7. In the live-action adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, who plays the role of Belle?
  8. Which animated movie features a young girl named Rapunzel with magical long hair?
  9. In the film Frozen, what is the name of the icy wilderness where Elsa flees to?
  10. What is the name of the charming thief in Disney’s Aladdin?

Whether you’re a fan of Disney classics or the latest animated releases, these trivia questions will test your knowledge and bring back fond memories. So put on your thinking cap and see how many answers you know! Don’t worry if you get stumped—sometimes the best part of a trivia quiz is learning something new.

Cartoon Theme Song Trivia

Can you sing along to your favorite cartoon theme songs? Test your knowledge of animation trivia by answering questions about famous cartoon theme songs. From nostalgic tunes like The Flintstones to modern hits like SpongeBob SquarePants, this section will put your musical memory to the test.

Animation and music go hand in hand, and cartoon theme songs have become iconic pieces of pop culture. These catchy tunes not only introduce beloved characters but also transport us back to the magical worlds of our favorite cartoons.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore some famous cartoon theme songs. Can you match the song to the cartoon? Test your knowledge with the following trivia questions:

  1. Which cartoon features the theme song “Meet The Flintstones”?
  2. Can you name the cartoon theme song with the lyrics “SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob SquarePants…”?
  3. Which animated TV show has a theme song that starts with “Life is like a hurricane…”?
  4. What is the theme song of the cartoon “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”?
  5. Which cartoon’s theme song includes the line “Here I come to save the day!”?

How well did you do? Did these cartoon theme songs bring back memories of lazy Saturday mornings spent watching your favorite shows? If you’re left wanting more, check out the complete list of famous cartoon theme songs and their trivia facts in the table below:

Cartoon Theme Song Trivia Facts
The Flintstones Meet The Flintstones First animated prime-time sitcom in history
SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song Created by Stephen Hillenburg
DuckTales DuckTales Theme Won a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song Written by Chuck Lorre
Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse Theme Song Originally called “Super Mouse”

Now that you’ve tested your knowledge and learned some animation trivia facts, why not challenge your friends and family? Create a cartoon theme song trivia night and see who can sing along to the most tunes. Remember, it’s not just about answering the questions correctly but also enjoying the nostalgia and fun!

Children’s Cartoon Trivia

Are you ready for a fun-filled adventure into the world of children’s cartoon trivia? From popular educational shows to hilarious adventures, this section is designed to challenge both the young and the young at heart. Test your knowledge and have a blast with our delightful questions!

But wait, we can’t forget about everyone’s favorite Disney animal companions! These lovable characters have captured our hearts with their charm and wit. So get ready to test your knowledge of Disney’s beloved animal companions like Simba, Pumbaa, and Thumper. They’re waiting to see if you know all about their unforgettable on-screen antics!

Disney animal companions

So gather your family or friends, grab a notepad, and let the trivia fun begin! Get ready to be entertained and challenged as you explore the wonderful world of children’s cartoon trivia and the enchanting realm of Disney’s animal companions.

Cartoon Trivia for Adults

Who says cartoons are just for kids? In this section, we have curated a collection of trivia questions specifically designed for adults who love animated TV shows. Delve into the world of adult cartoon TV shows and put your knowledge to the test with these challenging questions. From long-running classics to edgy favorites, these trivia questions will keep you entertained and perhaps even surprise you with some animation trivia facts.

Adult cartoon TV shows have gained a cult following, captivating audiences with their clever humor, social commentary, and unique art styles. Get ready to dive into the animated worlds of iconic shows like The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy as we uncover intriguing animation trivia facts and explore some of the most memorable moments in adult animation history.

Question Examples:

  • Which animated TV show follows the dysfunctional Griffin family in the fictional town of Quahog?
  • What is the longest-running animated TV show in history, showcasing the misadventures of the Simpson family?
  • In which animated TV series does a group of kids living in the Colorado town of South Park navigate through absurd situations and satirical social commentary?

Stay Tuned for More Adult Cartoon Trivia

Think you’re an expert on adult cartoon TV shows? Keep an eye out for the next section, where we’ll continue to test your knowledge with even more challenging cartoon trivia for adults.

Famous Cartoon Quotes Trivia

Remember the iconic lines from your favorite cartoons? Test your memory with this section of famous cartoon quotes trivia. From catchphrases to heartfelt moments, these trivia questions will challenge your recollection of the most memorable lines in cartoon history.

Cartoon quotes and sayings have a way of captivating audiences and becoming part of pop culture. They not only entertain us, but they also hold special meaning and bring back cherished memories. Whether it’s Bugs Bunny’s famous “What’s up, doc?” or SpongeBob SquarePants’ endearing “I’m ready!”, these lines have become ingrained in our collective consciousness.

Famous Cartoon Quote Trivia Questions

Think you can match the character to their unforgettable quote? Test your knowledge with the following famous cartoon quote trivia questions:

  1. Which cartoon character says, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way?”
  2. Complete this famous quote from the Looney Tunes character Daffy Duck: “You’re despicable…”
  3. Which cartoon duo popularized the catchphrase “Yabba dabba doo!”?
  4. Who says, “To infinity and beyond!” in the movie Toy Story?
  5. Finish this quote from the cartoon character Popeye: “I’m strong to the finish ’cause…”

famous cartoon quotes trivia

See how many famous cartoon quotes you can recall and compare your answers with the solution key below:

Question Answer
1 Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
2 that’s all folks
3 The Flintstones – Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble
4 Buzz Lightyear
5 it’s spinach, I’m Popeye the Sailor Man!

How did you do? Whether you aced every question or discovered some new quotes along the way, exploring famous cartoon quotes trivia is a fun way to relive your favorite animated moments. So keep watching cartoons, quoting your favorite lines, and let the nostalgia take you on a trip down memory lane!

Animated Movie Character Trivia

Challenge your knowledge of animated movie characters with this exciting trivia section. From iconic Disney princesses to lovable sidekicks, test your familiarity with the most famous cartoon characters in film history. Can you identify the voice actors behind these beloved characters and recall their unforgettable catchphrases?

Get ready to dive into a world of animated magic as you uncover interesting facts about your favorite animated movie characters. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s find out!

Famous Disney Princesses

1. Which Disney princess is known for her long golden hair and magical abilities?

2. Name the Disney princess who loses her glass slipper at the royal ball.

3. Who is the Disney princess from the ocean who dreams of exploring the human world?

4. Identify the Disney princess who befriends woodland creatures and has a magical singing voice.

5. Which Disney princess lives in a tower and has a chameleon sidekick named Pascal?

Beloved Sidekicks

1. What is the name of Simba’s loyal and comical sidekick in “The Lion King”?

2. Who is the beloved sidekick of Aladdin, known for his witty remarks and magical abilities?

3. Name the colorful parrot sidekick of Jafar in Disney’s “Aladdin”.

4. Who is Ariel’s best friend, a cheeky and adventurous fish in “The Little Mermaid”?

5. In Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” what is the name of the enchanted candelabra sidekick?

Animated Movie Catchphrases

1. Which animated movie character famously says, “To infinity and beyond!”?

2. Finish this quote: “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries…”

3. Who utters the words, “Just keep swimming” in the movie “Finding Nemo”?

4. Complete the quote from “Shrek”: “I’m an ogre! You know, *ogres* have layers…”

5. Which animated movie character exclaims, “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”?


Congrats! You’ve completed the ultimate cartoon trivia challenge. Whether you aced every question or learned something new along the way, we hope you had fun testing your toon smarts.

Keep the nostalgia alive with more cartoon trivia questions and share the fun with friends and family. Challenge yourselves to another round of the classic cartoon trivia quiz and see who can come out on top!

As you continue to explore the world of cartoons, don’t forget to dive into the fascinating world of animation. Discover animation trivia facts that will spark your imagination and deepen your appreciation of this beloved art form.

So happy quizzing and may your love for cartoons and animation continue to entertain and inspire you!