182 Math Trivia Questions and Answers

Math trivia is the most effective way to test your knowledge and have fun. It helps with studies as well as brings the joy of excitement. Even if you are not a mathematics geek, you can still choose to be a part of the trivia.

With math facts, you can make friends who share the same interest as yours. Such study-related trivia is healthy and makes a mind responsive too. Even if you are not aware of anything of the topic, it will help you gain knowledge.

You can arrange such trivia for kids as well as for adults. People of every age can enjoy and participate in it. Be it a house function or school function, you can arrange the trivia at any suitable occasion. For kids, it will be like a maths reminder class.

Mathematics is just like a game. A game that helps you polish your skills. The trivia I will put your knowledge to test and we’ll also help you to know how much you need to study more. Challenge yourself by participating in the trivial and enjoying the questions.

The trivia can be a little tricky but venue brainstorm, the answers will come out quickly. Solving mathematics also helps in improving concentration as well as your intelligence. A lot of your mathematical skills will improve after you attempt this trivia. Even if you are not an expert with mathematics, take the chance and try finding out few answers in the trivia.

If you are someone who loves math, the game will be the biggest pleasure for you. A lot of answers would be already known to you while for some; you need to put your brain to work. You will even get to learn about some historical mathematical questions and the evolution of mathematics.

Cool Math Trivia Questions and Answers

We have curated a trivia of maths with answers which you can play with your friends or family:

  • Trivia Question: Which number does not have a roman numeric of its own?

Answer: Zero does not have a numeric of its own

  • Trivia Question: Which is the only even prime number?

Answer: Two is the only even prime number

  • Trivia Question: What is the perimeter of a circle known as?

Answer: The Circumference

  • Trivia Question: What is the net real number after 7?

Answer: 11

  • Trivia Question: 53 divided by 4 is equal to how much?

Answer: 13

  • Trivia Question: What is Pi; a rational or irrational number?

Answer: Pi is an irrational number as it cannot be written as fractions

  • Trivia Question: Which is the most popular lucky number between 1-9?

Answer:  Seven is most popular lucky number

  • Trivia Question: How many seconds are there in one day?

Answer: 86,400 seconds are there in one day

  • Trivia Question: How many millimetres are there in one litre?

Answer: There are 1000 millimetres in just one litre

  • Trivia Question: 9*N is equal to 108, what is N?

Answer: N = 12

  • Trivia Question: Which flat picture can also be seen as three dimension picture?

Answer: Hologram can be seen as a 3D and flat picture

  • Trivia Question: What comes before Quadrillion?

Answer:  Trillion comes before the Quadrillion

  • Trivia Question: Which number is considered as ‘magical number’?

Answer:  Nine is considered as a Magical number

  • Trivia Question: Which day is celebrated as Pi day?

Answer:  14th March

  • Trivia Question: Who created ‘=” (equals to) sign?

Answer: Robert Recorde in 1557 created the equals to sign

  • Trivia Question: What was the initial name for Zero?

Answer:  Cipher was the first name for Zero

  • Trivia Question: Who were the first people to make use of Negative number?

Answer: The Chinese were the first who used negative numbers

  • Trivia Question: If 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, Then, 6=?

Answer: Three because 6 has three letters (six)

  • Trivia Question: How many combinations does a Rubix Cube have?

Answer: 43 Quintillion can be formed from a Rubix cube

  • Trivia Question: In which part of the world, four is considered to be an unlucky number?

Answer:  Asia is the place where four is considered as an unlucky number

  • Trivia Question: Which is the most popular two-digit number?

Answer: 13

  • Trivia Question: What comes after Trillion?

Answer: A Quadrillion

  • Trivia Question: Can Pi be written as fraction? Answer in True and False.

Answer: False

  • Trivia Question: Are opposite angels of parallelogram equal or unequal?

Answer: Equal

  • Trivia Question: Which country started the use of Arabic Numerals?

Answer: India started the culture of Arabic Numerals

  • Trivia Question: Which number has letters in alphabetical order?

Answer: Forty (F-0-R-T-Y)

  • Trivia Question: Is -2 an integer? Answer in True or False?

Answer: True

  • Trivia Question: Archimedes has hailed from which place?

Answer: Syracuse, Greece

  • Trivia Question: Which number is equivalent to 3^ (4)/3^ (2)?

Answer:  9

  • Trivia Question: What does crore mean?

Answer:  Ten Million

  • Trivia Question: Which letter does every odd number have in it?

Answer:  Letter E. Every odd number has letter E in it

  • Trivia Question: What is the count of cupcakes In a Baker’s Dozen?

Answer:  In Baker’s maths, the count of cupcakes is 13

  • Trivia Question: What is the square root of 144?

Answer: 12

  • Trivia Question: How many sides are there in a nonagon?

Answer: A nonagon has NINE sides

  • Trivia Question: What are 5 squared?

Answer: Nine

  • Trivia Question: What is an angle called if it is 104 degree?

Answer: Obtuse Angle

  • Trivia Question: What is the upper number of fraction called?

The Numerator

  • Trivia Question: What is 5 to the power 0 called?

Answer: 1

  • Trivia Question: How many unequal sides does a quadrilateral have?

Answer: Four

  • Trivia Question: The fundamental metric unit of mass is known as?

Answer: The fundamental metric unit of mass is known as Kilogram

  • Trivia Question: What is the number system with the base of two known as?

Answer: Binary Number System

  • Trivia Question: What is a polygon with 8 sides known as?

Answer: An Octagon

  • Trivia Question: What number does Giga stand for?

Answer: One Billion

  • Trivia Question: What is one-fifth percent of value?

Answer: 20%

  • Trivia Question: Icosahedron has how many equal sides?

Answer: There are twenty sides of Icosahedrons.

  • Trivia Question: What is the straight line that touches a circle at a single point known as?

Answer: Tangent

  • Trivia Question: The Fields Medal is often considered a mathematical equivalent to what?

Answer: The Noble Price

  • Trivia Question: Which number is always greater than an improper fraction?

Answer: One is the number greater than an improper fraction

  • Trivia Question: Who invented Phonograph?

Answer: Thomas Edison was the genius behind the invention of phonograph

  • Trivia Question: Which three numbers have the same answer when they are added or multiplied?


1, 2, and 3.

1+2+3 = 6

1*2*3 = 6

  • Trivia Question: How many moves does it take to solve a Rubik’s Cube?

Answer: Not more than 20 moves

  • Trivia Question: In which century did the mathematicians first use the plus and minus sign?

Answer: In the 16th Century, mathematicians first use the plus and minus sign

  • Trivia Question: In which part of mathematics do quantity and space play a role?

Answer: Analytic geometry, Algebraic Geometry and Differential Geometry is a part where both quantity and space play a role

  • Trivia Question: What type of number has no factors other than one and number itself?

Answer: A prime number

  • Trivia Question: What is the Math term described as the likelihood that something will happen?

Answer: Probability

  • Trivia Question: What is the short of Binary Digit?

Answer: ‘Bit’ is the short of Binary Digit

  • Trivia Question: What may be mixed, complex or vulgar?

Answer: Fractions may be mixed, complex as well as vulgar

  • Trivia Question: What is (15-7)?

Answer: The answer is 8

  • Trivia Question: Which ancient civilization denoted odd as makes and even as females?

Answer: Chinese Civilization

  • Trivia Question: In which field Ancient Indian are held high for apart from The Number System?

Answer: Determinate Equations was the field where Ancient Indian held their esteem high

  • Trivia Question: By whom was the history of Greek Geometry written?

Answer: Eudemus

  • Trivia Question: Which normal phenomenon was used in ancient times to measure the heights of an object?

Answer: Triangulation natural phenomena was used in earlier times to estimate the height of objects

  • Trivia Question: Who invented paint by number?

Answer: Leonardo Da Vinchi invented paint by number

  • Trivia Question: When Issac Newton developed integral calculus, how old was he?

Answer:  Issac Newton was 23 years old when you developed integral calculus.

  • Trivia Question: Who was the first to use dot patterns while representing numbers?

Answer: The Chinese

  • Trivia Question: Who was the German woman to formulate theories for understanding relativity?

Answer: Emmy Noether formulated theories to understand relativity.

  • Trivia Question: Around 600 A. D, which Indian astronaut discovered zero?

Answer: Brahmagupta was the Indian astronaut to discover zero

  • Trivia Question: Who is the fastest human calculator?

Answer: Scott Flansburg is the fastest human calculator. He was also selected for Guinness World Record.

  • Trivia Question: How fast has someone ever counted 1 billion?

Answer: Jeremy Harper

  • Trivia Question: On what number system is our timekeeping based on?

Answer: Sexagesimal Number System

  • Trivia Question: 1000 times 413 is equal to how much?

Answer: 413000

  • Trivia Question: From which norse number 100 derived from?

Answer: Hundrath is the norse number which is derived from 100

  • Trivia Question: What is a triangle with all sides different called?

Answer: Scalene triangle is a triangle with all sides different

  • Trivia Question: What is .01 is a second called?

Answer: A Millisecond

  • Trivia Question: What is the name for the longest side of a right triangle called?

Answer: Hypotenuse is the name for the longest side of a right triangle called

  • Trivia Question: What is the symbol of division called?

Answer: Obelus is known as the symbol of division

A trivia can be a boon to everyone who is trying to enhance or check their knowledge in mathematics. With this trivia, your mind will refresh with the facts that you once learned in your life long back. Few of the questions in this maths trivia are basic while some are complex where you need to invest your mind.

Math Trivia Questions And Answers For Kids

If you are with little kids of grade 2 or 3, the set of questions can change and be easier. The questions can be as basic as the addition or subtraction of two numbers. You can even put the signs of +,-,* or division and ask the kids to name them. You can even put basic questions on fractions and decimals for the children.

Few questions for kids are:

  • 100+100 = 200
  • 1+7 = 8
  • 567+0 = 576
  • 10*2 = 20
  • 25-5 = 20
  • 18+2 = 20
  • 1+44 = 45
  • 0+1 = 1
  • If you subtract 40 from -30, how much will it be? = 70
  • 10+10 = 20
  • 61+61 = 121
  • 70-5 = 65
  • 30 -0 = 30

It will be an excellent way to express maths facts with your friends or group of people. This can be fun as well as a great way to uplift your knowledge. You can test the mathematician inside you and challenge yourself by taking this trivia. All you have to do is be mindful and alert while taking this trivia.

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