80+ Funny & Cute Ways To Say Goodnight

It takes immense pleasure when you receive greetings from your loved ones. Be it your family or your workmates, the biding good nights are always special. So saying ‘GOOD NIGHT’ and then walking away works? Yes, it works but if you add some spark to it, won’t it be better?

Because greetings remind of care, you should take care of the way it is said. Greetings also make a long-lasting impression on people and it is also a way to build your relationship with other people. We have made a list of funny ways to say good night to someone.

When someone is going to sleep, you can wish them a night which is peaceful and full of pleasure. Wishing good night in different ways will show them your care and it will bring a smile on face. It will be just a simple text but will surely make someone’s night.

If you are at a distance from the person you want to wish good night, you can use these messages over text or even social media. Your emotions should be clear and that is what is important. You can surprise them with good night messages over text and make them happy.

Teasing is a sign of healthy relationship. We often tease our loved ones to bring smile on their face. This list has funny and new ways to say good night to your loved ones. These funny ways will remove the boring conversation between you both.

Funny Ways To Say Goodnight

Here’s a list of funny ways to say goodnight to your loved ones:

  • Go to bed, you sleepy head

This is another yet interesting way to wish good night to your loved one. You can say this over text or even in person. You can wish this to someone who is always in a sleepy mode and can sleep anytime and anywhere.

  • Sleep tight

You can use this phrase as an add-on. When you say good night, add sleep tight with it.  This will make your night alluring and saying this is a very simple way. By this, your care will be clearly visible.

The phrase means that don’s stress you and sleep without disturbance. There is no better way to wish someone a good night.

  • Love you to moon and back

It is one of the most romantic and loving ways to wish someone the best night. You can convey your love to your loved ones at the end of the day by saying this phrase. It will definitely help them have a better sleep.

Expressing your love to someone who is going to sleep will be a great way to make them feel adorable. You should never stop showing your love.

  • May God bless you with another beautiful way

Someone who had a stressful day or someone who is going to have a stressful day when he wakes up, this phrase is for them. You can also say this to someone who is going through some kind of problem. This blessing will cure their mind and soul.

This way of saying good night will help someone feel motivated and they may even make a new start another morning.

  • I want to end my day with you

This is yet another way to express your love for someone. A very romantic way to lead in someone’s heart and reminds them how special they are to you. Your words will give them comfort which will help them have a peaceful and happy sleep. Making someone you love, feel important is the best thing you can do.

  • Sleep snug as a bug in a rug

Sleep snug as a bug in a rug! The phrase is very funny and humorous. It will make the person laugh and give a good smile on their face. Making someone smile before sleeping is one of the best magic you can do. This sounds funny and you can say this to anyone.

This expression delivers a comfortable and cozy sleep to someone.

  • Hope you wake up one more night

For your best buddies, this is the go-to alternative for a good night.  This is funny as well as catchy. When you wish your buddies good night like this, they will definitely laugh and give you some savage replies.

This is for everyone who is sleepy and someone you want to meet the next day. It has a sweet touch in it.

  • Have a meeting overnight dreamland

This is a very general phrase that you can say to anyone in the place of a simple good night. This expression means that you are very tired and now you just want to jump on the bed to sleep. You can use this to someone you want to meet in dreams and have a beautiful conversation. This is a little romantic but you can use it with anyone.

  • Have an appointment with pillow and bed

This expression is a must-try! You should definitely say this to someone who should sleep but is not willing to go to the bed. This is a very playful way to say good night to anyone and bid them into a world of dreams. When it is quite late and someone is not off to sleep, you can indirectly convey the message by saying this expression.

  • Don’t let the bugs bite

This basically means that you are wishing someone to have a sleep without any disturbance. The bugs bite should not disturb someone’s sleep and so; one should tighten their nightgowns and have a peaceful sleep. This one is a little old but still relevant.

  • May the snores be with you!

You can use this to pull someone’s leg who snores while sleeping. This is another funny way to wish someone a good night. It can be used by anyone whose sleeping habits you are aware of. That person generally will be someone whom you sleep with regularly and you know their snores quite well.

Alternatives to Saying GOOD NIGHT

Because good night comes every day, you should know to make it fun and special. It will boost up your relationship as well as help the person have a memorable night. Here’s a list of funny ways to say good night:

  • Nighty Night
  • Sleep Well
  • Take ride to your favourite dreamland
  • Wish you another wonderful day
  • Have a good sleep
  • Dream About me
  • Goodnight! May your all worries are gone when you wake up.
  • Good to bed and sleep tight
  • Lights out
  • Awake full of joy in the morning
  • See you in the Morning
  • Tomorrow is not near
  • If you need me, you know where to find me
  • I will be right here in the morning
  • Sleep well, my little prince or princess
  • Go to bed with satisfaction
  • Make the stars shine in sleep
  • Don’t forget to say your prayers
  • Goodnight, the little love of my life
  • Until tomorrow
  • Rest time for blossoms
  • Time to ride rainbow to the dreamland
  • Nite-nite
  • Let’s start counting the sheep
  • Have Sea dreams
  • Good night, horrible dreams
  • You will have a wonderful day tomorrow morning
  • Sleep with angles
  • It’s time to dream now
  • Sweet Dreams love
  • Goodnight, Santa Claus
  • Always and forever night with you is what I wish
  • I will be dreaming of your face
  • Dream of mama/papa
  • I’ll dream of you tonight and see you tomorrow, my love.
  • Let’s prepare for tomorrow
  • Count the stars and mind your sleep


There is no specific reason behind wishing someone good night but people just do as they find it a good gesture. Many people take this opportunity to make their loved ones feel special. The way you say ‘good morning’, the very same way it is important to say ‘good night’.

But it is not always important to find crystal clear reasons behind everything in life. If a simple good night or its alternative can help someone have a wonderful sleep, there is no harm in doing that. Even if you are at party or just parting ways with someone at night, you can simply wish them good night. Be it family, friends or children, saying good night can make them feel special.


By now, you must have known the importance of wishing good night. So if you have not yet started to wish your loved ones good night, start right now. Because saying good night regularly can be a little boring, you can make it funny and interesting.

Because communication is the key to good relationship, you should never leave a scope of having a good conversation. And most importantly, it’s the small thing that matter. It’s just a good night but it will have a huge impact your relationship. When you make your loved ones feel extra special, the effect can clearly be seen in their eyes. So waste no more time and grow your relationships with just these simple techniques.

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