120 Cute and Funny Ways To Say Good Luck

When someone goes for important work, people often wish them good luck. It is said that good wishes spread positivity and help people in attaining success. Saying Good Luck motivated the other person as well as gives them adequate success to fulfill their desire.

Saying Good Luck to anyone is a way of showing love and care. So, why not shift from the common Good Luck word to something cute as well as fun? When you say something different, people always remember it. This makes them feel special and they may even get motivated.

Cute and Funny Ways To Say Good Luck

  • Wish you all the best

“Wish you all the best” is a super cute good luck phrase to end a conversation. Although you can speak this phrase while being in the middle of the conversation, you have to make some changes to do so. You have to add some words before and after the phrase to make it more conversational. Indeed, you can use this phrase to cutely motivate your friend to have a good time completing his/her goals.

  • Sending you lots of luck and success

Wishing your loved ones “Sending you lots of luck and success” fills them with a brainstorming motivation that makes them perform their best. We shall often be kind and motivating towards our loved ones. Oftentimes, our loved ones want to get motivated by us. They want to know that we believe in them. Be kind, and motivate your loved ones to do the thing that makes them happy right now!

  • Wishing you lots and lots of luck

It is really important to always motivate your loved ones. Sometimes saying a little phrase like “Wishing you lots and lots of luck” provides them the confidence to really pull off the thing in their favor. We should always think about positivity and make our bonds better and stronger with our loved ones.

  • Best of Luck

“Best of luck” is the common phrase used to wish good luck to anyone. It is mostly used at the end of a conversation. This phrase reflects that you are really invested in your loved ones and you believe that they will be able to conquer their conquest. Wish your loved ones good luck and make them a little more motivated and excited for the next big moment in their life.

  • You are going to ace it

Well, you are going to see your loved ones smile hard if you opt to use this phrase to wish them good luck for their next hot moment. It is always great to wish good luck to your loved ones in a super cute and funny style, as it motivates them to do better and it also brings a moment of joy for the present moment in their life.

  • May the odds be in your favor

Being kind is one of the most powerful abilities that beloved fathers and mothers have granted us. We should always be kind and use kindness to make other people’s day wholesome. Wish your loved ones good luck with the phrase “may the odds be in your favor” to make them feel motivated!

  • Wish you luck

Hard work always awards you something better in life, but a thing that is important with hard work is your luck. Wishing your loved ones good luck indicates that they will have to start believing in themselves because you do so. Motivate them to let them enjoy the best of their life.

  • Blow them away

“Blow them away” is a sarcastic and humorous good luck wish, which you can use with your close friends and family members. Sometimes we often consider ourselves losing some situations we are best at. It is required that at such times someone is there to motivate you. Wish “Blow them away” to your loved ones and watch them cause chaos to their opponents!

  • You will be great. Wishing you lots of luck

“You are the best”, and “trust me, you will do great”, are some examples of wishing your loved ones kind-hearted good luck. But “You will be great. Wishing you lots of luck” is the best phrase to wish them good luck. Love your friends and family and make them feel loved in this not-so-emotional word.

  • Fingers crossed

We have often heard the phrase “close your eyes and cross your fingers”. It is a simple statement that marks positivity and prayers. We should always look toward positive positions. It is a super intense and funny way to wish good luck to your loved ones.

Other Ways To Say Good Luck In Cute And Fun Ways

  • I am assuming that everything will be the best
  • May the good lord bless you
  • Keep your fingers crossed until your best time comes
  • Hang in there, you are no less than a champion
  • Do not worry because things will work out well
  • No one can handle this challenge better than you. So, do not worry
  • My best wishes are with you dear
  • All the best. Give all your efforts to this
  • Everything will work out fine for you. You have been the best always
  • Buona Fortuna! (This is how you say ‘good fortune’ in Italian.)
  • Good Luck with the challenge. I know you will achieve everything
  • The luck will be in your favor. Don’t bother.
  • Wishing you loads of success in whatever you do
  • Good Speed on your success
  • May the forces of evil become confused on your path to success and you reach heights
  • I am praying for your best and I know you will gain the rest
  • Take home the crown and make everyone proud
  • Remember me when you are famous and I will pray for you when you are in the process
  • As you go forward, people will follow you. So give your best.
  • Successfully pull off the heist!
  • Your hard work will help you achieve your goal. Your determination will pay back
  • Go forth and conquer Champ. Give your best
  • You are going to rock the world with your achievements
  • Known them dead. My best wishes are with you
  • Good Luck with that. Fortune will be in your favor
  • Here’s hoping that everything will turn out to be the best and then I will ask you for your autograph
  • May the good lord bless you
  • May your choices turn out the best for you is what I pray
  • Come back as a legend with that trophy
  • Take a step forward. We wish you all the luck
  • Fight on with all your spirits
  • I am aware that you will do your best as you have the best mind
  • You do your best, god will do the rest
  • Everything will be okay. You just keep moving forward
  • Looking forward to hearing your success stories. After all, you are made for good things
  • I have faith that God will guide you and keep you on the right path.
  • You got it right because god is with you

While this list is not the end to wishing good luck, you can come up with other amazing ideas. The person you will wish for with these tags will always remember your wishes. It may be a great motivation and refreshing.

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