80 Funny Ways To Say Thank You

Below are Funny Ways To Say Thank You:

  • Thanks a latte for your help!
  • You’re the MVP of kindness!
  • You’re the cheese to my macaroni.
  • Gratitude overload! System malfunctioning!
  • My thanks are multiplying like rabbits.
  • You’ve officially been promoted to the superhero league of helpers.
  • You’re more helpful than a pocket on a shirt.
  • I’m shaking my gratitude maracas for you!
  • Thanks a bunches of oats!
  • You’re the sprinkle on my doughnut.
  • In the cookie of life, you’re the chocolate chip.
  • Thanks for being the Batman to my Gotham.
  • I’d high five you, but you deserve a million of them.
  • You’re the WiFi to my internet.
  • Thanks for not letting me be as lost as a GPS signal in a tunnel.
  • You’ve earned a PhD in Helping Me Out.
  • Your help was more refreshing than a lemonade on a scorching day.
  • You’re the avocado to my toast. Seriously, that good.
  • If you were a vegetable, you’d be a ‘cute-cumber’ for helping out.
  • Thanks for being the glue that holds my sanity together.

‘Thank You’ is a very commonly pre-owned word in our day-to-day lives. But when you use it again and again, it is a possibility that you lose its significance.

Many people don’t understand how to express gratitude towards others. Sometimes just a simple thank you is enough but not always.

There is no harm in making any conversation crisp and memorable. Even if it is just about thank you, you should not hesitate to add humor to it.

Reasons to express gratitude can never be enough and when you make it a little funny, it will be memorable.

Funny Ways To Say Thank You

We have made a list of funny ways to say thank you to someone who will stay with them forever:

  • Today I am wearing the smile that you left me with

It is a very cute and funny way to say thank you to your friends or your family. This statement carries a cheesy moment.

Where you and your friends might laugh, reacting to the cheesiness of this statement. Indeed, making your happy moment consist of a bit more giggles and laughter.

  • I can’t spell thank you without YOU

A very funny and cheesy way to say thank you. You can use this as a sarcastic or reference-based greeting. We are sure your friends would love to hear this from your side.

Spreading love and happiness always boosts the morale of every person. So, you should try speaking things like these to your friends and loved ones quite often.

  • If you were to receive a dollar every time, I said thank you to you, you would be rich.

Saying something attractive and funny that others would love to cherish is a must if you want to continuously hang out with your new and close friends.

These little moments of happiness make them remember your presence deeply. You can say thank you to your loved ones or friends using this method to add a few gigs and gags.

  • Thank you but no Thank you

“Thank you but no thank you” is another example of funny ways to say thank you to your loved ones, friends, or even strangers.

Apart from the tempting nature of this phrase, saying it to a person who understands sarcasm would take it in a normal tone.

An enhanced tone must be used while saying this phrase otherwise it can get you in trouble. (Haha Just kidding)

  • Is there no limit to your awesomeness?

Impress your friends and family and greet them with the best possible love! “Is there no limit to your awesomeness” is one hell of a great way to say thank you to someone.

Apart from being so cute the phrase also can make someone laugh. Add this phrase to a perfect time and you might have a big laugh out with your friends or family.

  • I will never forget this favor of yours

“I will never forget this favor of yours” is a super cute way to tell someone that how much you praise them because of their kind nature.

Apart from the others this phrase particularly doesn’t add a sarcastic or humorous touch to the conversation, but it will definitely help you build deeper connections with anyone.

  • This means a lot to me

“This means a lot to me” is another super cute phrase to tell someone who has helped you. Greeting people with such a type of statement makes the other person think that he or she really respects my help.

Although this phrase is not funny or sarcastic, it is just so cute and straightforward that it can make anyone smile a bit.

  • Next one is on me

“Next one is on me” is a super sarcastic and humorous greeting reply you can ever give to someone. It not only adds a burst of laughter to the conversation but it also takes the conversation to the future where you want things to happen so you could help them as well.

It ends the conversation on a futuristic approach where you could use this phrase as a call back to your memories.

  • Thank you for being my unpaid therapist.

Adding sarcastic and humorous thoughts and phrases to a sadistic and mature conversation brings out the real joy in the conversation; also, it cools down the thinking space of both the ‘unpaid therapist’ and you.

A bit of laughter is always required whether you are busy in your life working or regretting or mourning about a fact. Greet your best friend with “thank you for being my unpaid therapist” and cherish the moment of giggles and laughter.

  • You came in handy

“You came in handy” is another paraphrase that can make your loved ones, friends, family, or anyone smile. It is not related to any sort of sarcasm or humoristic approach. You can still go and use this to just chuck off the whole thing.

Telling “You came in handy” instead of “Thank you” would make a small difference, but it will be a difference and that difference is what you should keep in mind while greeting someone for helping you.

  • This is not a thank you card, it is a grateful one

“This is not a thank you card, it is a grateful one” is a sarcastic and humorous type of greeting that is more popular with millennials. Adding a funny tone and a sarcastic vibe with a compliment increases the value of the greeting. Apart from showing value, it becomes a laughable moment because of that.

  • I would not say thank you to a person if they fail to match your vibe

“I would not say thank you to a person if they fail to match your vibe” is more of a funny and cute way of saying thank you to your loved ones, friends, family, or anyone.

Not only this phrase attract and make the person greeted feel good, but also it brings a smile to his or her face. You might want to use this statement to say something very sarcastic and humorous and have fun.

  • Don’t you think that you are the only one who knows how to give

“Don’t you think that you are the only one who knows how to give” is a special way to say thank you to any of your friends, family, or loved ones. It is more like an appreciation greeting and not a funny way to say thank you.

But we count fun ways or positive ways of saying thank you in this section as it is equally important. Be kind enough to make such confident statements so that the person you are greeting receives mature and positive vibes from your side.

  • Thank you berry much

A mere copy of ‘Thank you very much’, and “Thank you berry much” is just a sarcastic copy of the original thank you greeting. It is majorly used in conversations where the flow is really fast and each person in replying fastly.

“Thank you berry much” can be used in a quick manner and you move on to the next thing. It is not a very kind way of saying thank you rather it is the most funniest and sarcastic thank you greeting, it becomes massively deadly when you present it in a silly tone.

  • Thankewwww

Saying “Thankewww” to someone as a greeting is way bad as an idea. Think about it, saying “Thankewwww” to any person that’s involved professionaly with you. How would he or she like that idea of yours?

This totally depends on the person you are sharing the moment of sarcasm with. Sarcastic phrases and funny one-liners have always shared the top space of any close-mutual friendship but mature and professional situations have always been coming up as a competition to such gigs.

  • Thanks for keeping up with my shit all the time

“Thanks for keeping up with my shit all the time” is more of a best friend greeting style phrase. Usually you say this to your best friend when he or she saves you from something that you did not have control on.

It is a humor advanced joke and it sounds quite funny when you hear it in the reality. But the proper reality is that this thank you greeting is quite restrictive, hence you can use these with people you are close with.

  • Thank God, he sent you into my life

“Thank God, he sent you into my life” is an alternative method to greet one person. It adds a little bit of crispy and spontaneous humor to the conversation. While why someone wouldn’t laugh on ‘you saying thank you to someone else for someone else’s credit’ using deep knowledge and buttery lines.

At a glance, this phrase is sometimes used in the times of extreme danger, but it is also good for humorous conversations.

  • Thanks, a whole dub

Adding a more Gen Z type of approach to the ‘thank you greetings’. “Thanks, a whole dub” is more of a chill and super cool sort of greeting phrase. You can use this statement to improvise on your friends and family.

This not only engages the person you are talking to, towards you but also marks his knowledge that this person or you are living upto the trends and you are funny.

  • I am thankful AF

“I am thankful AF” or “I am so thankful, AF” are some examples of slangs used by the modern and woke generation. Such slangs are really attractive and represent one single part of your attitude towards any other person.

They not only act as a subjectively funny thing but the cake topping of the conversation. They are most likely meant to explain the person that you are feeling good that he or she helped you.

  • You must be so welcome right now

Imagine saying “You must be so welcome right now” instead of “Thank you so much”, isn’t it changing the complete assumptions of a thinker. Humor and jokes chime in where such surprises occur.

You can end your conversation with some nice giggles and laughter using this phrase. Use such type of sarcastic and humoristic phrases and do let us know what was the reaction of your loved ones, family, and friends.

You must check out these ways of saying thank you and try it in real life. This will definitely leave an impact. Come up with our own ways to express thank you in a funny way and share it with us.

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