80 Cute Ways to Say Good Morning

When you wake up in the morning and someone cutely wishes you, it gives you immense pleasure. If you wake up and find someone wishing you the best of day, half of your day already becomes the best. No doubt, good morning wishes said with love are the best things in the world.

Everyone wants to start their day with something fresh and exciting. A cute good morning wish will surely make their day because with a cute wish comes a lot of blessings and motivation. Saying good morning may not be enough and so you involve some cute as well as motivating words.

Good Morning messages on WhatsApp family groups may sound boring but when someone wishes you after you wake up, it will surely make your morning good and worthy. To wake up with a light mood and kick-start your day with motivation, these cute ways will surely help you. If you love listening to these, you should say it to others also.

Cute Ways to Say Good Morning

Your simple good morning wish can make someone’s day even better or if someone is upset in the morning itself, your words will reach them via blessings. Here are few cute ways to say good morning:

  • Rise and Shine

This is the cutest and motivating ways to wish someone good morning.You motivate that person and at the same time you wish him good luck. Mornings are known for new beginnings and it is super cute to tell someone “Rise and Shine” when the wake up.

  • May your day be as sweet as you are

I would rather call this a compliment instead of a good morning wish. But the fundamental meaning of this statement is wishing good morning, so it gets away just by a little gap. If you wish a person saying this, it will definitely help him or her have a good and motivated day ahead.

  • Good morning you sleeping beauty

This phrase is quite similar to the previous one. It is more of a compliment than a good morning wish but it serves the purpose of being called a morning wish. Who does not want to hear a compliment at the time of waking up? To be fair, this is the best kind of good morning wish you could ever say to someone. It is cute and the person you say this to will also feel-good waking up to your voice.

  • Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! (Eggs and bacon for breakfast.)

Where are you all the foody sleepyheads, this one is for you. “Wakey, Wakey, eggs and bakey is one of the cutest ways to wake someone up. Imagine working all week and then finally getting some sleep on the weekend and you wake up to this! It will make you feel fresh and the eggs and bacon would help you have a great start for the day.

  • Sing song to the person

Waking up a person by singing a song is the cutest thing you could ever do for them. It not only freshens up their mood but there might be a chance where they wake up and start singing with you! It is indeed a cute way to say good morning to someone. If you ever plan to wake up a person by singing songs, choose one from their favourite ones. It will help a lot.

  • Enjoy your day

“Enjoy your day” is a short and simple good morning wish. It is cute to say “Enjoy your day” to someone as you are wishing them to have a good day as well as you are wishing them to enjoy their day positively. Sometime all we need is a good morning wish that is not too long, not too crispy. The short ones also serve the purpose of feeling cute and special.

  • Wishing you a day full of smiles and full of life

Energy and motivation are the required characteristics when you want your day to go well. Wishing someone “Wishing you a day full of smiles and full of life” gives them a reason to live and perform better. It is a cute way to wish someone for the day. Wait for the happiness arriving on their face after you wish them. We assure you that they will feel better and have a good day because of your wish.

  • Have happy thoughts today

“Have happy thoughts today” is another cute way of wishing someone good morning. Mornings are generally good but often not on Sundays, because they basically happen in the Afternoon. Well, lets stick to the topic and talk about cute morning wishes. So, wishing someone good morning in this way makes them think good and happy stuff. They might even recall your name when they feel good throughout the day.

  • Make your dreams come true. This is another day to achieve your goals.

“Make your dreams come true. This is another day to achieve your goals.” Is a very cute and motivating good morning wish.Generally, people wake up with the thought of achieving and completing their goals. Fulfilling dreams and reaching milestones goes through small steps and these steps begin day by day. Hence, motivate them from today and help them accomplish their dreams and goals from today.

  • Be present to your day and make the best out of it

“Be present to your day and make the best out of it” is a cute but a narrative type of good morning wish. Wishing someone and telling them to focus might really help them to focus and work on their maximum potential which then leads to growth. We all should be in the present state and work to our maximum potential. Learning and living are the most important features of a working person’s day. Wish someone in this great way and motivate them to push boundaries!

  • The morning bells and the chirping birds are here to wish you the best of the best morning.

“The morning bells and the chirping birds are here to wish you the best of the best morning” is a very “aww” type of a good morning wish. Although it is quite long for someone to hear when they wake up. But still this phrase acts like words of wisdom and cuteness. We all like having cute little mornings? Don’t you? Wish someone in this super cute way and have them smiling for the entire day.

  • I hope you have a wonderful day

Wishing good morning indicates that you want the person to have a good start, a good day. Make sure you say good morning to all the people you see and greet in the morning. “I hope you have a wonderful day” is a very cute and sweet kind of good morning wish.

Wishing someone for having a wonderful day just makes them say “thank you” the very next moment. The energy and the aura changes, thoughts that might have wanted to disappear may re-appear because of these little but cute morning wishes.

  • Morning is like sunshine and sunshine is the best medicine. Start your day fresh today.

“Morning is like a sunshine and a sunshine is the best medicine for you. So, Start you day fresh today.” Is another cute kind of a good morning wish. This wish also hints at being factual and caring. A fresh start of the day always leads towards having a good day!

We have been hearing this since we were kids, and now as grown ups we have to believe, or saying more frankly, we now know that having a great morning just makes the entire day positive.

  • Hello there! Good morning, have a wonderful one

Greetings starting with hello have a fresh beginning. Wish “Hello there! Good morning, have a wonderful one” and see them smile instantly. These sort of wishes just trigger that one brain cell that keeps on sleeping after you wake up, bringing out the best possible outcomes on your day.

  • Look alive,you sleepy head

“Look alive, you sleepy head” is a very funny and cute kind of good morning wish.  It is sort of sarcastic phrase but sounds really cute on the other hand. Wake someone up by telling them this and let them have a great start of the day.

  • How are you this fine morning?

“How are you this fine morning?” is more of a greeting phrase than a good morning wish. Asking people, how they are this fine morning? Motivates them to perform better and feel good. Most of the people do not like mornings that burst their brain. It is important to have a relaxing start of the day.

  • What a pleasant morning we are having?

“What a pleasant morning we are having” is a super cute kind of good morning wish you could ever say to someone. It is cute to say as this means you are having a good morning with your favourite person or friends and that motivates you to have a great day ahead.

  • Hello there! Lovely to see you here

“Hello there! Lovely to see you here” is another type of greeting statement but it is kind of a morning wish as well. Say this to someone and see them smile and fill up of good and positive vibes. It is one of the cutest ways to say good morning to someone. It indicates to them that you like their presence and really admire them.

  • Good day to you

“Good day to you” is the shortest but the cutest form of a good morning wish. Wishing someone a good day at the start of the is really cute and special feeling for them. If they have a good day they might think of you, that you wished them so.

  • You remain the sun in my day

“You remain the sun in my day” is a super cute compliment you can ever give to someone. Starting there day saying that they are the sun of your day will help them thrive through their day better. It is one of those phrases that are tend to called as compliments and not good morning wishes. But this has the capacity to be called a good morning wish.

  • I am sending you my heart this morning

“I am sending you my heart this morning” Doesn’t your heart says ‘aww’ after hearing this? My heart starts beating even faster after hearing this. Especially when someone very special and important says this to you. It is a super cute way of telling someone that you love them and you want their day to be super good.

By now, you know the importance of GOOD MORNING in your life. If you have better ideas, go ahead with them. Make sure you bring a joyous smile and love to their day. No matter how hard the day goes, but after waking up if you smile, it can compensate for it.

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