260 Would You Rather Questions [Updated Questions List]

Are you looking for some classic “would you rather” questions to know someone better or just to play a game? We have got you a bundle of would you rather questions which you can play anytime with anyone and build a strong connection. This game reveals various unknown things about the person. Even if you know someone closely, you may come across something surprising.

The questions can be funny, serious, deep, entertaining, reality related and much more. You can even ask dream and career-related questions. You can play this game at a party with a bunch of people or even with your partner/friend alone. The questions will result in an interesting conversation and you both will know each other much better. 

To continue the conversation, you can even ask the reason behind their choice. You may get some exciting answers and you will also get to know about their perspective and choices. Such games are amazing ice-breakers and people tend to speak their hearts out. One can also make professional situational based would you rather questions and ask in an interview to check over the candidate.

You can play this game on a very long trip or even on text but playing face-to-face will bring more joy and enthusiasm. Prepare for the questions beforehand because you may run out of questions in certain situations. These questions are friendly and unique. You can ask these questions to almost anyone depending on the situation and time.

You can even create some of the hard would you rather questions for the person to involve more. If the questions are hard, they will need to think hard as well. Also, ask questions depending on whom you are playing with. Don’t ask too personal questions to someone who you barely meet or even if they are shy.

Apart from knowing someone, you can even use this game in an online event. This may help you bond over online portals and make friends.

Would You Rather Questions

Here’s a list of Would You Rather Questions to boost up a party or know someone who is close to your heart:

  • Would you rather go on a vacation at mountain areas or beaches?
  • Would you rather go in past and see your ancestors or go in future and meet your upcoming generation?
  • Would you rather binge watch a web series or watch it in parts?
  • Would you rather skip your lunch or dinner?
  • Would you rather prefer a small birthday celebration or a large one?
  • Would you rather sleep early at night or wake up early in the morning?
  • Would you rather go on a movie alone or in a restaurant alone?
  • Would you rather have the superpower to talk to animals or speak in all foreign languages?
  • Would you rather receive gifts or receive cash?
  • Would you rather book hotels or B2B apartments for a family/friends vacation?
  • Would you rather go out chill on weekends or stay at home and watch Netflix?
  • Would you rather go for sea diving or bungee jumping?
  • Would you rather stay a child for life or become an adult early?
  • Would you rather be Batman or Spiderman?
  • Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?
  • Would you rather have pizza for dinner or pizza for lunch?
  • Would you rather lose your laptop or your phone?
  • Would you rather go on a solo road trip or a solo trip to deserts?
  • Would you rather be extremely underweight or extremely overweight?
  • Would you rather go 10 years in past or go 10 years in future?
  • Would you rather experience the beginning of the planet or experience the end of the planet?
  • Would you rather leave WhatsApp for life or Instagram for life?
  • Would you rather be the funniest person in the world or the most intelligent person in the world?
  • Would you rather party all night or sleep all day?
  • Would you rather continue the life you are living or restart your life?
  • Would you rather go back to the past and meet your loved ones who passed away or go to the future to meet your children or grandchildren to be?
  • Would you rather speak your mind or never speak again?
  • Would you rather live the life of a king with no family or friends or live like a vagabond with your friends or family?
  • Would you rather live single all your life or stay in an unhealthy relationship?
  • Would you rather be a dog or a cat for a day?
  • Would you rather live without elbow or your knees?
  • Would you rather lose the ability to lie or lose the ability to speak truth?
  • Would you rather opt for free education for life or free clothes for life?
  • Would you rather live on a deserted island or on windy mountains?
  • Would you rather speak to animals or known other people’s thoughts?
  • Would you rather be super strong or super fast?
  • Would you rather have a good height or a good body?
  • Would you rather go back in time and relive your school days or relive your college days?
  • Would you rather drink coffee for the rest of your life or green tea for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather have a private jet or 5 sports cars?
  • Would you rather meet the richest business of the world or meet the richest actor of the era?
  • Would you rather be trapped in a video game or trapped in an action movie?
  • Would you rather keep quiet for the rest of your life or speak for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather have unicorn horns or horse’s tail?
  • Would you rather have cookies for one day or cake for one day?
  • Would you rather be the world’s best singer or the world’s best dancer?
  • Would you rather use your hobby to make billion dollars or your ability to make billion dollars?
  • Would you rather own a bakery or own a restaurant?
  • Would you rather live in London or New York?
  • Would you rather be poor in the job you love or rich in a job you hate?
  • Would you rather go in a party in pyjamas or go in a wedding in pyjamas?
  • Would you rather wear black for whole your life or white for your whole life?
  • Would you rather type on word doc or in a notebook?
  • Would you rather write a book or direct a documentary?
  • Would you rather be your own boss or work for someone else?
  • Would you rather have a physical meet with your boss or an online meet with your boss?
  • Would you rather stay in the house for a date or go out in for a date?
  • Would you rather have a date night or date day?
  • Would you rather be vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
  • Would you rather be three feet tall or three feet short?
  • Would you rather be famous or rich?
  • Would you rather watch web series on laptop or on mobile phone?
  • Would you rather find the love of your life or find a million dollars?
  • Would you rather have no sense of taste or no sense of smell?
  • Would you rather have an intelligent partner or a good-looking partner?
  • Would you rather have the ability to fly or be able to turn invisible for life?
  • Would you rather learn how to cook or teach how to cook?
  • Would you rather play indoor games or outdoor games?
  • Would you rather use chopsticks to eat chowmein or use fork to eat chowmein?
  • Would you rather be physically strong or mentally strong?
  • Would you rather have a time machine or teleporter?
  •  Would you rather eat raw food or cooked food?
  • Would you rather have the superpower to read other people’s mind or have the superpower to eat anything and never get fat?
  • Would you rather live without toothpaste for the rest of your life or live without shampoo for the rest for the life?
  • Would you rather live in a country with a low cost of living but horrible weather or live in a country with a high cost of living and amazing weather?
  • Would you rather choose a life without Air Conditioner or live without deodorant?
  • Would you rather date a stranger or date your best friend?
  • Would you rather watch comedy romantic movies with your enemies or watch a horror movie with your best friends?
  • Would you rather have expertise in mathematics or expertise in physics?
  • Would you rather know how to dance when music tunes in or sing when someone dances?
  • Would you rather play a small role in a movie or play the main character in a short youtube film?
  • Would you rather wake as a new changed person mentally or wake up as new changed person physically?
  • Would you rather get a photoshoot done in a designer ethnic wear or in a designer western wear?
  • Would you rather watch cricket with your dad or watch a daily soap with your mom?
  • Would you rather buy skincare products in bulk or your favourite food items in bulk?
  • Would you rather be a good director or a good actor?
  • Would you rather be an amazing painter or an amazing mathematician?
  • Would you rather be live on the moon or live on mars?
  • Would you rather give up eating sweets for life or give up eating fast food for life?
  • Would you rather have a dinosaur as a pet or dragon as a pet?

These questions are quite simple and can be used while talking to everyone. These may add as a spark amid a silent and boring conversation. Some questions are full of fun and can add giggles to your conversation. This will even help you bond with your peers. Apart from fun, would you rather questions are engaging too if you put up the questions at the right place.

You can create your own set of questions depending on the situation and who you are talking to. Although these questions are very general but you can categorize different questions for different people.

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