340+ First Date Questions

Isn’t first date extra special and one of the most remarkable moments in everyone’s life? No one wants to take back bad memories on this special day and regret for the rest of life.

Falling in love or being in love with a special person is a beautiful journey one ever does. No one wants to spoil the first date in their life and the feeling of happiness is very prosperous.

On a date, you dress properly, eat and sit properly and make sure you reach on time.  Another important thing to do correctly is to ask the right questions and start the conversations properly.

Awkward silence can be like a killer of feelings on the First Date. To build your connections more quickly one must break the ice by asking relevant questions. Asking the right questions can help you know your potential partner even better.

The first date can be nerve-racking. You hardly know the other person. Even if you are nervous and you don’t know how to start the conversation, just slip a question in between, and then boom! An interesting question will easily turn into a conversation 

Many people navigate conversations very fluently and are experts with first-date conversations. We have got a list of questions for both types of people. These questions are natural and exciting. 

First Date Questions

Here is a list of Questions to Ask On A First Date:

  • So, how are you and how is life?
  • What type of vacation do you like to go on?
  • How does your perfect day look like?
  • What is your favourite childhood memory?
  • How do you spend your weekend? What is your idea of a perfect weekend?
  • How difficulty is for you to communicate your feelings to others?
  • How is working life going on? Do you enjoy your current profession?
  • How would you describe yourself and your personality?
  • What were your thoughts while coming on the date with me?
  • Where are you from? Which school did you complete your education from?
  • What type of music do you like or which band do you listen to the most?
  •  Are you into books? Who is your favourite author and what is your favourite book?
  •  What do you like to do in your free-time?
  •  Are you a tea person or a coffee person? Or you prefer cold beverages?
  •  Do you like pets? Which animal would you keep as your pet?
  •  Do you have any sibling? How close are you to them?
  •  According to you, what does an ideal date look like?
  •  Are you a foodie? What do you love to eat the most?
  •  What type of movies do you enjoy the most? Do you prefer watching them alone or with friends/family?
  •  Who is the one friend you are very close to? How many years have you known each other?
  •  Are you calm or anxious?
  •  When is your birthday? How do you usually celebrate it?
  •  What are you passionate about?
  •  Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  •  How do you relax your mind?

Questions to Ask On A First Date

It is very important to leave an impression on your first date and for that, you need to be classy with your conversation. Bridge some gaps between you two, and ask these questions:

  • What is your idea of your favourite cuisine? Which meal do you prefer the most?
  • What is your goal when it comes to your professional life? Do you see yourself switching career in the near future?
  • Which is the most embarrassing moment you have ever faced? How did you overcome it?
  • When was the first time you felt that coming on date with me is a wise decision?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment professionally?
  • Which OTT series are you watching these days? Would you recommend it to me also?
  • What is your nickname or do you have a specific name which only your mom calls you from?
  • Are you a morning person or a night person? Is there any habit of yours that you are trying to change?
  • Do you play video games?
  •  Do you like to hit the gym or you exercise at home?
  •  What is the one thing that makes you super happy?
  •  What is the best present/reward you have ever received from someone?
  •  What is the one dish you would never eat?
  •  So our parents and grandparents often narrate stories about our childhood. How were you as a child and which is your favourite story?
  • What changes have you noticed in yourself in past few years? Were they good or is there something you wish to change?
  •  How is your friends group? Do you have a group of many people or you prefer staying with 2-3 best friends only?
  •  Which cartoon do you wish was still live on television and which character do you relate the most?
  •  What are you obsessing about these days?
  •  In your free time or at night, do you go in a state of deep thinking? What is the one thing you often think to change about yourself but haven’t been successful so far?
  •  If you were given a chance to meet any famous celebrity/cricketer/businessman, who would it be?
  •  What type of clothes do you mostly wear? Are they comfortable? (Compliment her on the question by saying “by the way you look gorgeous today)
  •  Are you into sports? Which sport you like the most? Have you ever participated in any sport matches when you were a child?
  •  Have you ever been bullied in college/school/office? Is yes, how did you fight your battle?
  •  What is the one aspect of dating that you hate the most?
  •  What outdoor or indoor games you played in your childhood? Do you still wish to gather with your childhood friends and play them?

Good First Date Questions

Don’t you feel ticklish in your body when you think of your first date with your crush? You might have zero ideas of how to present yourself on the date but your excitement will be touching the sky. Don’t wait for too long and grab few good questions from the list and spice up your conversation.

  • What is the one thing or one trend that you are dying to try?
  • Do you prefer the work from home culture or work from office?
  • When was the first time you received an award or a medal? What was it about?
  • What are the things you are insecure about yourself or your life?
  • Which web-series or show do you often re-watch? What are the two things you like about it the most?
  • Which song are you listening on loop these days?  Which song lyrics do you relate the most?
  • Which city have you grown up in?
  • When you are upset or frustrated, what do you do? Who is your go-to person to share your problems?
  • What qualities do you look in your partner? Is there anything that you give utmost priority to?
  •  Life can be harsh sometimes to each one of us but we all fight and start over again. What is the one incident in your life, which made you who are you today?
  •  Do you consume alcohol? Have you ever tried it before?
  •  Do you like tattoos? Do you have any on your body?
  •  What do you prefer the most, going to clubs and partying on weekends or lying inside your blanket and eating pizza on weekend?
  •  Have you ever cried while trying to hold back your anger?
  •   Which is your go-to ice-cream flavour?

Best First Date Questions

The best date is synonymous with the best questions. Keep your standard of conversations high and boom, the goal is in your court! Here is a hand-curated list of best questions to ask on a first date and indulge in a lovely conversation:

  • What do you value most in friendship?
  • If we end up being with each other, would you share all your secrets with me?
  • Where do you want to go on a holiday with me?
  • Do you have any hidden talent that I am unaware about?
  • What is your way of showing care to someone?
  • Have you planned any upcoming trip?
  • If you won a lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you will buy and why?
  • Which is one expensive thing you wish you owned?
  • Do you believe in gods?
  •  Do you have a busy week coming up?
  •  Tell something unpopular about your hometown?
  •  Do you like discovering new things? Is there any invention you want to make?
  •   Is there any strong value you believe in? Has it helped in making the foundation of your life?
  •  Do you prefer burger over pizza?
  •  What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Fun Questions to Ask On A First Date

Want to explore the fun side of your date partner? Throw these little funny yet cute questions at them and watch their reaction. Answers to funny questions can be a good laughter reason and one of the most memorable conversations you will ever have. Here is a list of fun questions to ask on your first date:

  • Do you enjoy grocery shopping with family? Do you accompany them?
  • How many times have you injured yourself and got scolded by mom at home?
  • Do you think dogs have any sort of regret in mind?
  • If chocolate was not invented, how different do you think the world of eatery be?
  • What is the one thing we humans do that you find ridiculous?
  • In the name of love, what is the most pathetic thing couples do for each other?
  • If you were born as a mosquito, who would you bite in the first hand and annoy them?
  • What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever searched on Google?
  • How many toffees can you stuff in your mouth at the same time?
  •  Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?
  •  Which outfit of your would you never wear outside? Why?
  •  Which Halloween props do you like the most?
  •  Do you believe in all the misbelieves about cats? Do you think they are plotting against us?
  •  If you only had 2 days to live, what would you do?
  •  How many pieces of fried chicken can you eat?

Things To Ask On A First Date

Curiosity sticks in your veins when you go on a date with someone you barely know. It is very important to use the right words and ask the right questions. Don’t mess up because of excitement and eagerness, go slow. These are the things you can ask on a first date:

  • Which is the best Disney film you have ever watched?
  • Does anyone still live in the house you grew up?
  • Which is one birthday present you expect to receive from your closed ones.
  • Do you like baking at home or prefer grabbing pastry from bakeries?
  • When was the first time you learned to read the clock?
  • If you had enough time and money, which hobby do you want to pursue?
  • Do you make to-do lists and follow them?
  • What made you push yourself into the career you are pursuing right now?
  •  What are your retro choices? Song, movie or actors?
  •  Do you like debating on controversial topics?
  •  What do you do to keep yourself mentally fit and relax your mind?
  •  What is the one thing you are proud of?
  •  Do you like the trending dating apps?
  •  Can you describe a personal indulgence for which you would never apologize?
  •  Who do you resemble the most in your family?

First Date Conversation Starters

Breaking the ice and starting the conversation is a very crucial step on the first date. But what’s more important is consistency. Avoiding the awkward silence during the date is very important and for that, here is a first date conversation starters:

  • What is your dream job?
  • What is the one thing one should try atleast once in their life?
  • India is a land of different art forms. What is your favourite art form?
  • Is there any hobby of yours, you want to pursue as a career?
  • What fears you the most?
  • Is there any country you would never want to visit?
  • Do you keep yourself updated with the current affairs?
  • How do you meet your best friend? How often do you both fight and how do you resolve them?
  • If you were given a chance to increase your lifeline, would you go for it?
  •  Have you ever rehearsed before making any professional or personal call?
  •  When was the last time you sang for someone?
  •  Who is your favourite male/female actor?
  •  What is the one thing about you which is quite surprising?
  •  What are the turning points in your life?
  •  Which is the most expensive thing you brought because of peer pressure?

Interesting First Date Questions

To add a little sparkle to the conversation, put up some interesting questions amid the conversation. This will help you know how they think or react in a certain situation. It may also unfold few secrets. So save this list of interesting questions in your mind while going for a first date:

  • If you were to go back in time and change few things, what would they be?
  • What dating advice would you give yourself to the high school you?
  • If were to arrange a dinner on your own, which 10 people would you invite to your place?
  • What is the best piece of advice you have given to someone?
  • Do you like when someone opens door for you or takes chair out for you?
  • Which nickname is perfect for you and why?
  • Which is one thing you want to change about yourself?
  • What is the worst nightmare have you ever had?
  • What will be your last wish if you knew you would die yesterday?
  •  Do you want to go back to your school days and enjoy the time again?
  •  Which cuisine do you love to cook?

Go for your first date with confidence and prepare to impress. These questions will surely help you built a good conversation and a strong relationship. Don’t let yourself sound like an interviewer.

You can think of more questions and add them to the list. These sets of questions will not only help you on your first date but will always be there with you.

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