80+ Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Girls are unsolved mystery. It is never easy to understand her and the feelings she hides herself in. Even if you feel that you know her properly, you are probably living under a rock. The universe has created her to be secretive. So, what’s the solution? 

It is very important for a guy to know a girl. She can be his wife, friend, girlfriend, colleague, or even a stranger he wants to become friends with. One of the easiest ways to know a girl is to ask her some interesting questions. Starting a conversation is undoubtedly difficult but throwing a few questions can make it easy. Good questions may give you good answers.

Science says that girls are inclined towards boys who are funny and can make her laugh. So make sure you include some funny questions in your list. A funny question will result in a funny interesting answer and then you can have a good conversation. These sets of questions are quite humours which may help you when you talk.

Make sure you ask the right questions at the right time. Be picky with your words while talking to the girl, especially when you don’t know her much. Questions can differ depending on your situation or the girl you are talking to and don’t sound too extrovert as it can make her uncomfortable. If you are looking to spice up the conversation, these questions are the best.

Another rule to follow while having a conversation with a girl is to avoid awkward silence and keep the conversation interesting. Interesting questions can really leave a good impression on her. You should try and keep your questions open-ended so she can have the full freedom to give the answer. 

This list of interesting questions to ask a girl is specially made for you to break the ice while you are talking to a girl. These questions will surely reveal out few secrets about her. Pick out the best questions connecting to your situation and add some light to your conversation.

Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

Here’s a list of 60 interesting questions to ask a girl and hype up the conversation:

  • If you were given an opportunity to master one skill in life, which one would it be? How would you further use the skill? Will you teach the skill to someone else also?
  • Do you believe in past life of humans? What stories have you heard from people about past life and what do you think you were in your past life? If reincarnations exist, how do you want to come back?
  • How does your ideal weekend look like? What do you usually prefer doing? Do you often go out with friends and party or sit at home watching web series?
  • Do you believe in Santa? Did your parents ever put a gift under your pillow and told you that Santa gifted you this Christmas? How do you celebrate Christmas?
  • Which type of movies do you usually watch? Which movie did you recently watched that you would recommend it to people? Is there any movie or web-series you often re-watch?
  • What is your worst nightmare? Which is one thing you never want to experience in life and if do, have you thought of how to manage it?
  • Do you read cosmos? Does the universe fascinate you? If you were given an option to choose another planet for your living, which planet would it be? What is the one thing you feel is very interesting about the universe?
  • Is there anything you are obsessed with and want to get rid of it but couldn’t till now? How many times have you tried to get rid of that habit of yours?
  • What are you most passionate about? Do you like discussing about your passion with other people and encouraging them to pursue their passion in life?
  • What is the one thing that makes you easily uninterested in any person? What makes you never go back to them and you don’t even feel like talking?
  • What is the one thing you always wanted to do but you couldn’t? How excited are you to try that and have you made any plans to do it?
  • Are you into books? How many books do you read per month? Which is the last book you read and how did you find it? Who is your favourite author and is there any book you want to read again and again?
  • Who are you close to in your family? Who do you admire the most and what factor of them do you adapt from them? 
  • If you could live any one phase of your life again, which one would it be and why? Do you like to do in school and college reunions and meet your old friends?
  • Do you like travelling? Which part of the world you always wanted to travel and discover? In all the cities, you have travelled till now, which one if your favourite and do you want to go there again?
  • If you were to invent something in the world, what would it be and for what purpose would you invent it? 
  • According to you, which is the most beautiful word in the English Language? If you were to add a word in the dictionary, how would you pronounce it and what would it mean?
  • Do you think people are real on social media and the life they show? What according to you is the one thing people must try on social media but they don’t? How do you manage your profile?
  • What types of text do you like the most? What is the sweetest thing someone has told you over text? Do you keep screenshots of such conversations and keep a memory of it?
  • Do you like going on long drives? Do you prefer going alone or with a bunch of people? What type of songs do you like playing on long drives and what do you do to maintain your enthusiasm throughout the trip?
  • I have heard that makeup gives people confidence. Do you like doing makeup and believe in the same? Can you do makeup for others also or you know it only for yourself? What do you do for skincare?
  • When you are angry or frustrated related to any problem in life, how do you often react? Do you escape to peace and remain silent or shout at people and burst out your anger?
  • How was your childhood? Where were you born and brought up? Have your parents and grandparents told you about how your childhood was? Were you a naughty child or a silent one?
  • Certain things happen in life which are unexpected and you don’t want to remember them. Which is the one incident you want to erase from your life and memories? Why does it haunt you the most and do you think your life would be better if you don’t remember that incident?
  • Who is the one person in your life who never fails to bring a smile on your face and make you happy? How special are they for you and what do you do to make them happy?
  •  How did you end up choosing this career? Are you satisfied with the type of work you are doing right now? What challenges did you face in the process of getting here? Do you wish to switch your career in life anytime soon?
  • How do you cheer yourself when you feel low? Is there any idea you come up with to cheer yourself? What’s the best thing you could tell someone to cheer them up when they are feeling down?
  • People often sacrifice and make adjustments to make their relationship healthy and maintain the spark, even their self-respect. How right do you think this is and what is the one thing you won’t compromise for a relationship at any cost?

Being a girl is not easy. Their lives are full of challenges and they are busy about thinking something or the other. Make sure she is comfortable when she is with you. Have an interesting conversation with her and start by asking these exciting questions. She may have some enthralling answers which will boost up the conversation.  Make sure you don’t make it sound like any job interview.

These questions will help you dig deeper into the girl’s mind and you can understand her well. Don’t sound like an investigator and be natural when you talk to her. You should also sound confident and not get nervous in front of her. Create a list of your own questions as well and become the ice-breaker of your conversation.

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