188 Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Have you ever thought about the questions you should ask your boyfriend when your relationship has reached at a certain point? Before both of you become very serious and intimate about each other, there must be few aspects you both should discuss and maintain transparency on it. Such conversations will help in improving ultimate understanding of you both.

These questions are related to future, present and past too. Some serious conversations are necessary before a committed relationship. While you ask these questions, take forward the conversation and have a proper discussion on the needs and wants of each other. Knowing each other’s thoughts deeply is very important.

You can bring these questions even if your relationship is new or a little older. These questions are effective and you can understand the other person’s perspective about it. Before throwing these questions at your boyfriend, plan a little and do not start randomly. Think about topics you want to discuss with a free mind.

Having a comfortable silence in your relationship is always important but what you should avoid is awkwardness. These questions will lead to more like a futuristic kind of discussions. These will be meaningful and you both will get an understanding about each other.

Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Communication between you and your boyfriend is very important and when you have understanding accompanying your thoughts, then it’s a blessing. Here’s a list of serious questions you can ask your boyfriend:

  • Do you want to have children?

Knowing about what your boyfriend thinks about having children is very important. You should be clear about all this from before only so it does not create any problem in future. You should continue the conversation and ask him what if their thoughts on children may differ?

  • What accomplishments are you proud of? How much time did it take for you to achieve them?

Ask him about his accomplishments and the struggle behind achieving them. This will give you an idea about his stability to achieve something and how much he is dedicated.

  • How long do you hold grudges from people you love?

Talk to him about anger issues. Having grudges cannot be a problem but it is very important for you to know that for how long he holds on to things. This will tell you about his power to forgive people as it will make difference in your relationship.

  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

When you start spending time with your boyfriend, you will automatically come to know if he is an introvert or extrovert. But it is also very important to know that what he thinks about himself and his perspective.

  • Is there anything you are afraid of? How do you overcome your fears?

Know about his fears and be there for him when those situations arise. You should also ask him the ways he adopts to overcome his fears. It will give you a clear cut idea about how he reacts to certain circumstances.

  • Do you struggle with any type of addiction? How was your experience and how did you overcome it?

Ask him about his addictions. He may have one addiction in present or might had it in past. Talk to him briefly about these things as this will definitely affect your relationship in future. If he has overcome with something of this sort, appreciate his guts.

  • What are your future plans? How realistic are your goals and do you see me in your future when you think about it?

Talking about future and plans are the most important aspect in the relationship. Obviously, everything does not go how we plan it but it is important to have a gist of what he thinks. This will also tell you if he is serious about you or not and he sees you in his future or not. If he is someone without any dreams and aspirations, you are with the wrong person.

  • Is there something you can’t begin your day without? If yes, what is it?

Ask him about his choices and needs. This will give you idea that what is the first thing he needs to start his day. Jump a little into his private life and know about it. Knowing about these things will be beneficial as you don’t need to face unnecessary struggles and surprises in future.

Deep Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

  • Who was your role model while growing up?
  • Which is the best gift you have ever received? Who gave you the present?
  • Where would you live, if money was no object?
  • kWho is the most toxic person in your life? How did you deal with them?
  • What is the one thing that you own and you are embarrassed to tell it in front of anyone?
  • Do you have any secret talent that you are shy to show to the whole world or you feel judged?
  • What is the one thing in world people find it very difficult but it you find it very easy and can do it in one go?
  • What is the weirdest habit of yours? Why do you find it weird?
  • Apart from your phone, which is the one thing you can’t imagine a single day in your life?
  • Which was your favourite travel destination in childhood and you always wished to visit there? Did you manage to wander or you are still making plans?
  • Is there any topic on which you can talk for hours? If yes, which one?
  • Do you like cooking? Which is your favourite served dish and what is your favourite kitchen appliance?
  • Do have any regrets in your life which you are stuck on? How do you manage to come over it?
  • How many relationships did you have before me? Who was your first girlfriend and why did you guys break-up with her? What have you learned from that relationship?
  • How do you manage with rejections in your life and deal with failures? Are you target driven or reluctant when it comes to achieving your goals?
  • What are your expectations from your partner? How much perfection do you look when it is about a girl performing her responsibilities in a relationship?
  • How many times do you experience mood swings? Is it on a regular basis or once in a while? What do you do while facing mood swings?
  • What would be your reaction if you witness someone insulting your wife in public? Are you enough mature to take a stand for her or coward?
  • How was your experience while you were living with your ex? What incompatibility issues did you face while living her?
  • Can I meet your best friend? Are you okay with the fact if I mix-up in your friend circle and invite them home?
  • What is your take on religious sentiments?
  • How do you manage with an opiniated and a career-oriented woman? Are you willing to support your wife to fulfil her dreams even after marriage?
  • How do you manage with stress in your life and what are your fears about marriage?
  • When you read my texts or you get my call notifications, do you get butterflies in your stomach?
  • If you lose your job, are you okay with the fact that I take up the expenses?
  • When was the first time you felt that I was special and our relationship is worthy over everything?
  • Do you like romantic dinners or a morning romantic breakfast?
  • What is the one thing you would take with yourself, if you were asked to leave the house today?
  • Which ice-cream flavour describes our relationship the best? Why do you think it related to us the best?
  • What is the one thing you should do but you don’t want to because of any reason?
  • How were you in your high school days? Has anyone ever spoken to you about your childhood mischievous incidents or achievements?
  • According to you, which is the most important thing in maintaining a relationship? How much are you willing to put efforts in maintaining our relationship?
  • What is your take on forgiveness and saying sorry in a relationship? Do you believe in apologising even without mistake to please your partner?
  • What are your thoughts about marriage? According to you, what makes a foundation of a successful and happy marriage?
  • How do you deal with fights in a relationship? Are fights healthy or a couple should avoid fighting?
  • How much effort will you put if our relationship will come in a situation that we are getting separated?
  • What are the things that make you nervous?
  • Which is your biggest learning from your previous relationship?
  • Do you have any gross or unhygienic habit that annoys you the most?
  • What is the one thing you look forward after you get old?
  • How do you feel about pets and animals?
  • What are your political views? Which party do you support and how do you think this political system can clean?
  • Is there any mistake that turned out to be a good one? What was your reaction to it?
  • What is the one thing that makes you different from others?

Having a conversation with your boyfriend may be a little difficult but make sure you discuss these things with him before moving forward with your emotions. These questions will definitely help you know him more and decide how you want to spend your life with him further. Sit with him for a while and discuss these life changing topics with him.

There might be some boys who will happily talk about themselves but if you boyfriend is an introvert and less expressive, put questions in a way that he tends to react to it. All these questions will give you insights about him and his perspective towards things in life.

If you think we have missed on something, come up with more such questions you think is important to discuss with your boyfriend. Have a deep understanding with your boyfriend while discussing these questions.

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