280+ This or That Questions [Updated Collections]

Are you looking for some This or That Questions? This or That Questions are a great way to pass the time and get to know someone. You can use this game to learn more about someone’s likes and dislikes as well.

It is not necessary to have a long list of conversations and then know each other. You can play some fun games and get an idea of how the person is or what are their likes and dislikes.

If you are someone who does not like to speak much or a shy person, ‘This or That Questions’ game is for you. It is a great time pass in an enjoyable way and it is one of the easiest games you can play.

The game not only allows you to know the other person but also allows you to have a fun conversation. If you are arranging a birthday party, kitty party, any celebration party, or anything, this game will add spark to the bash. 

Amid this COVID-19 time where parties are also being held virtual, this game stands out of the line. ‘THIS OR THAT’ can be played even online on zoom meetings. You do not need any type of set-up, just a list of few daily life questions is important. You can also play this game over text.

The best way to go around with your friend, family members, sibling, crush, and girlfriend/boyfriend is to play ‘This or That Questionsgame. If you have played ‘Would you rather?’, then this game is quite identical to this. Below, we will discuss how to play the game and make it more enthralling.

How To Play This or That

As mentioned earlier, this game is very similar to ‘would you rather?’ The rules are very simple and there is no preparation required for it. You have to put two options in front of the player and they have to choose between the two.

For example, you ask summer or winter to the participant and they choose one between the two. By asking such questions, you can break the ice and the answers can give you an idea of what the other person likes to do.

You should at least have two people on board to play with you. Although, you can play with as many participants as you want to. In fact, playing with the bulk of people will be more fun.

You can prepare a list of questions beforehand only so you don’t run out of them while playing. 

A straightforward and tricky game, that tells you about the other person very easily. Even if the person is an introvert or shy, they won’t hesitate in playing this amusing game.

There are several ways to play the game and you can manipulate the rule according to you. There is no hard and fast rule of the game. Some of the ways are:

  • TAKE TURNS: This is the simplest way to play the game. Take turns and ask questions to the participants. Make sure that the questions are not monotonous and are different. This requires no planning and you can easily play the game.
  • SERIES OF QUESTIONS: You can prepare three or five questions and make them very rapid and ask the participant. Give the participant less than 3 seconds to answer the question. If they don’t answer, you can give them some type of fun dare or punishment or make them do something.
  • DISAGREEMENT SWITCH OFF: This method of playing This or That Questions game includes both the players. While you ask the question to the participant, after they answer, they have to ask the same question to you as well. Playing in this method would involve everyone at once.

Questions can be related to any genre, there is no limit. If you are a foodie, movie lover, shopaholic, or traveler, you can ask questions related to that. Or another trick is, ask questions related to everything you want to know from the other person. 

Suppose you want to know about the food choice of the other person, you can ask questions related to that. Questions can be different for couples, best friends, foodie lovers, family members, siblings.

This or That Questions

Here’s a long list of questions that you can ask during the This or That Questions game:

  • Dog or Cat?
  • Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  • Sweet or Sour?
  • Cardio or Weights?
  • Dance or Music?
  • Facebook or Twitter?
  • Instagram or WhatsApp?
  • Day Person or Night Person?
  • Pizza or Burger?
  • Roti or Paratha?
  • Logic or Emotion?
  • Painful Truth or Comforting Lie?
  • Success or Happiness?
  • Cake or Pastry?
  • Sweet Pie or Salty Pie?
  • Mountains or Beaches?
  • Swimming or Sun-bathing?
  • TV or Laptop?
  • IOS or Android?
  • Party or Home Alone?
  • Video Games or Computer Games?
  • Cars or Bikes?
  • Tea or Coffee?
  • Hot Coffee or Cold Coffee?
  • Waffles or Pancakes?
  • Text or Call?
  • Love or Money?
  • Cafes or Bars/Pubs?
  • Saree or Suit?
  • Summer or winter?
  • Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  • Flowers or trees?
  • Painting or Drawing?
  • Breakfast or no breakfast?
  • White bread or wheat bread?
  • Cook or burn?
  • E-Book or Hardcopy?
  • Online Shopping or Offline Shopping?
  • Flats or heels?
  • New Phone or New Laptops?
  • Vacation in India or Vacation in Foreign?
  • Pen or Pencil?
  • Gold or Silver?
  • House or Apartment?
  • Sleep on right side of bed or Left side of bed?
  • Ice Tea or Hot Tea?
  • Perfume to Deodrant?
  • Soup or Sandwich?
  • Lays or Uncle Chips?
  • Dinner or dessert?
  • Spring Season or Fall Season?
  • Dark chocolate or White chocolate?
  • Vacation or Staycation?
  • Rich and Famous or Rich and Unknown?
  • Train or Aeroplane?
  • City or Countryside?
  • Attend a party or Host a party?
  • Wine or Beer?
  • Cash or Credit?
  • Fiction or Non-Fiction?
  • Gym or Art?
  • Sleeping or Working?
  • Tattoos or piercing?
  • Flip Flops or Sneakers?
  • Yoga Pants or briefs?
  • Doraemon or ShinChan?
  • Guitar or Piano?
  • Baseball or Football?
  • Roses or Sunflower?
  • Disney World or Universal?
  • Ice-cream or cold-drink?
  • Zoo or Aquarium?
  • Vacation with family or Vacation with friends?
  • Theme Park or Water Park?
  • Fan or Air conditioner?
  • Smoking or non-smoking?
  • Alcohol or smoking?
  • Christmas or Halloween?
  • 6 sons or 6 daughters?
  • One million Instagram followers or 100 Dollars in the bank account?
  • Pig or Goat?
  • Successful career life or Happy family life?
  • Adopting a puppy or adopting a baby?
  • Superman or Batman
  • School Life or College Life?
  • Pasta or Lasagna?
  • White or Black?
  • Messy or Tidy?
  • Holi or Diwali?
  • Chemistry or Biology?
  • Geometry or Algebra?
  • Earphones or Headphones?
  • Big Family or Small Family?
  • Multiple choice questions in exam or essay-type questions in exam?
  • Race or Debate?
  • Chair or Table?
  • Trust a thief or liar?
  • CBI Agent or Police detective?
  • Introvert or extrovert?
  • Broke or Dead?
  • Curvy or Slim?
  • Deaf or Blind?
  • A highly educated person or an intelligent person?
  • Fat or Ugly?
  • A handsome guy or a smart guy?
  • Rich and Dumb or Poor and Smart?
  • City or Country?
  • Personality or looks?
  • Broccoli or Carrot?
  • English or Hindi?
  • Hindi or Local State Languages?
  • KFC or McDonald’s
  • Fries or BBQ?
  • Indoors or Outdoors?
  • iPhone or Samsung?
  • No food or No sleep?
  • Over-dressed or Under-dressed?
  • Poem or Story?
  • Past or Future?
  • Dine-in or order delivery?
  • Family or Friends?
  • Home-made Food or Restaurant Food?
  • Street-Food or 5-star Hotel?
  • Vegetarian Food or Non-Vegetarian Food?
  • Long Films or Short Films?
  • Newspaper or E-paper?
  • Talking or Listening?
  • Board Games or Video Games?
  • Slow walking or Fast Walking?

‘This or That Questions’ game can be played with a set of different questions with the couples. Because couples are very close to each other and they know everything about each other. 

Playing this or that game with your partner can be very interesting. Not only the partners can reveal secrets about each other but the couples will also get to know few undiscovered secrets about each other.

You can play this game with your better half and understand them better. Few questions that can be asked are:

  • Shower or Tub?
  • Love at First Sight or Love after knowing the person?
  • Cuddling or Sleeping?
  • Modern Art or Classic Art?
  • Audi or BMW?
  • Large Crowd or Small set of people?
  • Dog or Babies?
  • Netflix or Youtube?
  • Long Drive or Long Walks?
  • Twins or Single Kids?
  • Makeup or non-makeup?
  • Sharing or Individual contribution?
  • Comedy or Horror?
  • Suspense or Rom-Com?
  • Straight Hair or Curly Hair?
  • Spectacles or no spectacles.
  • Long Hair or Short Hair?
  • Sweater or Hoodie?
  • Good Heart or Good Body?
  • Serious or Pretty?
  • Hugs or Kisses?
  • Candy or Potato?
  • Family banquet or Formal Dining?
  • Mom or Dad?
  • Liquid Soap or Bar Soap?
  • Apartment or Home?
  • Higher studies or work?
  • Living in a cold area or living in a hot area?
  • Author or Editor?
  • Classic or Modern?
  • Self-Employed or Working under boss?
  • Divorce or Staying in bad marriage?
  • Intelligent or Funny?
  • Handmade gifts or Expensive gifts?
  • Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage?
  • Expensive wedding or Court Marriage?
  • Truth or Lies?
  • Weekends or weekdays?
  • Smile or eyes?
  • Formal dressing or informal dressing?
  • Living under a rock or knowing the truth?

Play this game with plenty of people of just two people, it will give you immense pleasure and a lot of fun. Some of the questions are tricky and the participant will take few seconds to answer them. But guess what? The participant should not take more than 3 seconds to answer.

A lot of truths shall reveal and you may get to know new things about the person. Try this game out. It is not necessary to hold a party and play the game. You can just sit and play with your partner, call your friend and play on the phone or sit with mom/dad on a couch and play.

These are not the only questions. The list is long and also never-ending. You can create some questions and play with your friends and family. You can play according to your and other person’s interest.

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