80+ Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy

Guys are immensely loving and interesting. Their emotions often go unnoticed because society accepts tough boys. But the truth is they are emotional too. Guys have their own choices and opinions about everything. They never want to indulge themselves in any sort of boring conversation and talk about things that are abrupt.

Every guy is different and so is their nature. We have rounded a list of questions which you can ask to any guy and make the conversation happen. Also, ask questions that you want answers to. Don’t unnecessarily brag and force the conversation. Ask interesting questions and they will lead to a healthy happy conversation.

These questions are great when you are looking to know someone or even for someone who you already know. Whether it is your first date, second date or third date, it is very important for you to keep up the conversation standards very high. Be it your boyfriend, friend, crush or any stranger, you can use these questions to develop and grow your relationship.

Knowing the mind of a man is not an easy task. You have to be quite clever while trying to penetrate in their mind. Some boys are extroverts as well as some of introverts and you are required to tackle them differently. These questions will also help you to know how they think and about their perspective. 

When you indulge yourself in the process of knowing someone, it takes time as well as efforts of high end from your side. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. These questions will act as an easy conversation starter and help you build a strong bond with the guy. Try and built a comfort zone between you two so you both can frankly talk.

These days knowing someone is not an easy task. People show their life different from what they actually are. Even on social media, the life of guys and girls are filtered. So, make sure that you are not conditioned from before and you try to be as natural as you can. Don’t touch your phone again and again and make him feel disinterested.

Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy

To know someone till their core sometimes you have to put extra effort. These questions can be a bridge between both of you. To enlighten your life, we have got you a list of interesting questions to ask a guy:

If you fall in love with someone, do you propose her immediately or what for her to express? Do you like when the girl expresses herself and proposes you?

Trouble is the other name of life. Which is the biggest trouble you have ever gotten into? What did you learn from that incident? Have you ever gotten your parents into trouble?

Do you like Disney characters? Is yes, which one is your favourite and which character do you relate to the most? If you were to marry any of the Disney character, which one would it be and why?

Childhood is the home for innocence and love. How was your childhood? In which part of the world were you brought up? What childhood stories did your elders narrate you to sleep?

If you were given a chance to make a movie, what topic would it show to the audience? Who all will you cast and what morale will it give to the new era of living?

What were the things you will carry with yourself if you were forced to leave your home immediately and move to another country? Which country would you wish to go in such situation and why?

Making sensible decisions in life is very important? Do you listen to your heart or brain while making such important decisions in your life? What makes you decide the right thing?

Online dating is a trend these days? Do you believe that right matches are made on those online dating apps? If you were to make an online profile on any of these apps, what would you bio description say?

What is something that happened in your life that felt like the worst thing at the time, but was really the best thing in the long run?

What is your favourite thing to do over weekends? Do you like going out and partying with your friends/ going out for a family dinner or you just like to sit and watch Netflix.

Which is one of your greatest accomplishments? Did you ever think of achieving it in your life? What are the challenges that you faced and how did you manage to overcome?

Are you interested in writing? If you were to write a book which included every important aspect and experience of your life, what title would the book get? Do you think people will relate to your life?

What all hobbies did you have as a child? Did you wish to pursue any of those hobbies as a career but couldn’t? If you were given a chance now, would you opt for it?

Apart from mom’s home-made food, which is your favourite dish and cuisine? How often do you end up eating it? Which is your favourite go-to restaurant?

If you won a lottery tomorrow, what would you do from it? Is there any wish you want to fulfil with that money which you wanted to from long or is there someone who’s wish you would prioritise more?

What motivation do you give yourself when you wake up every morning? How do you encourage yourself to give your best in life and work? What is the best piece of advice you have ever received from someone?

Life is full of ups and downs. Which is the worst time period of your life when you lost all hopes and thought that things would never get back on track ever? How did you manage the entire situation and got back to life?

When was the last time you complimented a girl and she blushed? What attracts you the most in a girl physically and what is one behaviour that makes even the hottest girl instantly unattractive?

What is the embarrassing moment which made you learn a lot of things in life? How did you overcome the incident?

Who is your go-to person in life when you need advice or you just want to feel good? What type of advice do they give you that comfort your soul?

Which is your favourite travel destination? Who do you want to travel the place with and why? What are your expectations from the destination?

Relationship between a girl and boy is very sensitive and crucial. Should a girl and a boy have different roles in a relationship or should it be based on individual strengths and weaknesses?

What is your favourite video game you played as a child? If you had the superpower to convert any video game into real life, which one would you pick and what character would you play and why?

Which is the funniest prank someone has played on you and you have played on someone? Has any prank ever gone wrong and you had to face consequences to come out of it?

What are the two things you never think once before spending money on and what are the two things you would never spend money on, no matter how fascinating it is for other people?

Is there any lyrics you were singing wrong for a long time and recently found out the correct lyrics of it? In life, what have you done wrong all the time and found out the right way to do it in recent days?

Which is one sport that you have played in your childhood a lot and thought to excel in it in future but couldn’t? If you were given a chance to play the sport, would you take out time for it? If you were a part of the Olympics, what game would you play?

Are you a morning person or a night person? If you were assigned one of the most important tasks of your life, would you prefer doing it early morning or late night?

Being successful in life is everything but sometimes it can cost your happiness. Do you want this type of success in life which could cost you your happiness or you believe that your success your will automatically make you happy?

Which is the one good thing that happened in your life years ago but you still thank god for it? What do you think your life would have been if that incident wouldn’t happen?

You may get nervous while talking to a guy but these questions will definitely work out for you. This will help you develop a good connection with him and your relationship may grow stronger. Avoid the awkward silence between you two and don’t let the chit-chat become boring. Guys never like doing boring talks with anyone.

Although, our list will provide you with all the solutions but you can always use your creativity and make a list of your interesting questions to ask a guy. Don’t be in a hurry because knowing someone takes time. Make sure you don’t sound desperate. Try these questions and have a good time with the guy.

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