180+ Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Are you looking for cute questions that you can ask your boyfriend and know him better? Don’t bother, we have got you covered. Boyfriends are the sweetest person on the planet if you love them. We often consider that it is the responsibility of men only but it is not the truth. It is the responsibility of the woman too.

These questions will also help you know him better. No matter how much time you both have spent together, there is always something you can discover. People change with time and it is very important that you explore those changes in your partner. These questions will surely help.

Even if you feel some spark missing between you two, you can throw these questions randomly at him. These questions are quite interesting and they will give you an opportunity to start a good conversation. Take a chance, sit with him and talk your heart out. If you initiate, he will also feel interested.

If your boyfriend is a little shy make sure you don’t force your questions on him. If he is comfortable to answer then only discuss or else swiftly move forward to another topic. Make him comfortable and interact as much as you can from your side too.

Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Here’s a list of handpicked questions to ask your boyfriend:

  • What was your first impression of mine? Did you think that we would ever be in such a relationship?
  • If I ask you to describe me in three words, what words would you use? And why did you use so?
  • Do you think we look cute together? If so, describe any three times when you felt that we complete each other.
  • How did you feel when we kissed for the first time? Did you want to kiss me more after that?
  • How do you feel when someone greets you as my boyfriend? Are you okay in keeping the relationship open to public?
  • What thought comes into your mind when you wake up next to me? Are you okay with me sleeping till late?
  • If we get married someday, where would you take me on a honeymoon? Have you ever thought of a place or country before?
  • Do you miss me when we are not together? What would you do if I was unable to meet, call or text you? How would you pass your time?
  • Have you ever been inspired by me in any aspect of life? If so, what is that thing?
  • Does my message notification make your cheeks blush? If so, do you rush to revert back or do you wait for me to spam more messages to you?
  • How often during the day do you miss me? What are the major reasons for you missing me? Do you want me beside you all the time?
  • How did you feel when I held your hands for the first time? Do you remember the place and the situation where it happened? If so, describe.
  • Which celebrity couple can be compared to us? Do you think we really vibe like that celebrity couple?
  • How did you feel when I hugged you for the first time? Do you remember the place and the situation where it happened?
  • How do you feel when I hold you? Do you feel safe when I am around? Is it okay for you if I hold you the entire day when I become your wife?
  • When was the first time, where you realized that you loved or liked me? How did you react after realizing it? How much time did you take to express your feelings?
  • Which song reminds you of me? Do you often listen to that song? Did you start listening to that song after we met? Is that song now your favorite?
  • Would you kiss me on the forehead? Have you ever kissed me on my forehead? If so, do you remember the place and the situation we were in at that time?
  • What genre of movies would you love to watch with me? Have you prepared a list of movies that we should watch together? Have I told you what genre of movies do I like the most?
  • If I face a super heavy day and make a little grumpy face, what would you do to cheer up my mood and make my day?
  • What have you thought about our future? Does thinking about our future makes you smile? Do you think that I am good enough to have a future with you? If yes, why so?
  • How did you feel when I touched you for the very first time? Do you remember the place and the situation of the same?
  • Why do you irregularly blink your eyes when I try to come close to you? Is it because you get uncomfortable or do you feel good when I come close?
  • Describe our relationship using three sentences or words. Do you think we make a cute couple? If yes, why so?
  • If I ever have to move away from my current local address, would you come to visit my new home town? Would you want to live somewhere besides my new house?
  • If I ever have to move away from my current local address, would you be in a long-distance relationship with me? How would you feel if I say that I won’t be coming back any soon?
  • Would you give me the last slice of the pizza? Won’t you mind eating it by yourself?
  • How do you feel when I say the three magical words “I love you” to you? Why do you reply back the same words to me? Does that count as special for you?
  • How do you feel when I say that what an absolute gentleman you are? Do you feel good when I appreciate you and your brilliant ideas?
  • Do you find me pretty? Tell me about that time when you thought that I am pretty? Do you think I look pretty while talking to you or doing anything else?
  • Have you ever thought of going on a picnic under the stars? Do you believe in such date ideas? If not, then what is your type of ideal date?
  • What nicknames have you given to me till now? Which amongst them is your favorite? What habits of mine make you call me such nicknames?
  • Have you thought about introducing me to your parents? Do you think if it is a good idea for our age? If yes, how would you do so and what are you going to tell them about me?
  • Was our love a first sight for you? Did you start emerging feelings from the very first time we met? Do you still feel the same for me?
  • Do you think we are soulmates? Will you say yes to “we complete each other”? If yes, why do you think so?
  • Do I look cute in tomboy outfits? Do you think so? How do you feel when you see me in a tomboy outfit? Would you want me to wear more tomboy outfits?
  • What is a silly thing about me that you love? Do you think I am too innocent? Do you think I do it because you find it beautiful or I am seriously that cute?
  • Would my appearance change your love for me? Do you love me for my looks or my inner beauty?
  • If I was a dessert, what would you want me to be? Why would you choose that particular dessert?
  • Why do you think that our relationship is so special and unique? Would you feel better if you hang out with someone better than me?
  • How do you feel when I send you a romantic letter or a text message? Do you think I should often send you such messages? Do they help you lighten up your mood?
  • Do you remember the day we first met? How special is that day to you? If you are ever given a chance to relive that moment, would you go for it?
  • Have you ever written a poem or a story for me? If so, how did you write that poem? Does that poem remind you of me?
  • Have you ever daydreamed about me? Does it often happen with you? If I was a mere dream, would you want to stay in that dream forever?
  • Have you ever tried to make a song about me? What key features about me will you mention in that song? If you are ever given a chance to publish that song, would you go for it?
  • Would you love to dance with me in public? Would you mind holding my hands while dancing? Do you think that I dance amazingly?
  • Do you love when I send you gifts? Do you remember what was the first gift that I sent to you?
  • What changes have I or our relationship brought in your life? If you are asked to choose one of, life without me or life with me, what would you choose and why?
  • What is one thing that brings a smile to your face, no matter the time of day? Is it related to us?
  • Which feature of mine made you fall in love with me? Do you still love that feature of mine? Do you want me to embrace that feature?
  • Do you like the smell of the perfume I use usually when I come to meet you? Do you remember anything about that perfume? Would you guess if it is me or not by the smell?
  • Do you feel jealous when other guys call me beautiful or cute? Is it because you are insecure about our relationship or do you believe in the “you are beautiful that is why they are calling you beautiful” statement?
  • Who makes you the happiest and confident person alive? Is it me? Do you think I help you to become a better person?
  • Do you think I am good enough as a partner? If not, what changes do you think I should bring in myself or our relationship?
  • Can you imagine your life without me in it? If you are ever given a chance to restart your life, would you like to keep our part in your life the same as it is now?
  • Who proposed first? If it was to be you, how would you have proposed me? What planning would you do to win me over? Did you think that I would say yes to you?
  • What is the best compliment you have ever received in your entire life? Is it from me, if so, what was the compliment? If not, who complimented you, and what was the compliment?
  • Can I call you when I feel like hearing your voice? Would you answer my call at 3 A.M in the morning? Would you mind me calling you at the time of important meetings or situations? Would you answer my call?

You can have as many questions as you want. They can be funny, entertaining, romantic, and work-related. With your partner, you can discuss everything. Also, make sure that you don’t only ask questions but share your experience too. He also wants to know your stand on the particular question. Don’t make it sound like an interview.

Check out this list or make your own and spice up your relationship with your better half!

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