60 Funny Ways to Say Hello

Ways to say hello and greet someone have been common since long. Hi, Hello, How have you been are some of the ways we address people when we meet them for the first time or even if we have known each other for a while. There is nothing wrong with this pattern. It’s just that they are super boring and now very common.  So to spice up your meets and the first sentence, try something new and interesting.

Funny Ways to Say Hello

Here’s a list of funny ways to say hello and make the conversation exciting:

  • Hello Sunshine, how are you?

Hello Sunshine, how are you? What are you reading? I said this hello to you! Isn’t it funny and mind blowing? The suddenness of this statement makes it kind of humoristic and funny. You can use this statement often to make your loved ones feel good or make your friends laugh. The Predictability of this statement is next to impossible, that is what makes this statement one of the top funny ways to say hello.

  • What’s Kicking, you little chicken?

“What’s Kicking, you little chicken” is a funny statement to greet someone.  The person you are talking to might get influenced by the unpredictability and fall for the joke pretty easily. Referring a person to a mere chicken adds most of the crispiness of a joke.

It sounds so funny, imagine you are busy in your work and suddenly someone instead of greeting you with a “hi or hello” hit you up with “What’s Kicking, you little chicken”. For just a single second it stops all other processes that you are thinking of and makes the ambiance light and humourful.

  • Hey howdy hi, how is everything going?

“Hey howdy hi, how is everything going?” is a distinct way to greet someone. It is funny as well as it seems relatable for most people. The term “Howdy” is an informal friendly greeting, particularly associated with the western US states, but it is universal i.e. you can use that phrase anywhere around the globe. You can try this phrase out and enjoy some gigs and gags with your friends and family.

  • Gooooood Morning to you all

The amount of laughter is equally proportional to the number of o’s present in this phrase! It is true, just by the presentation of the phrase don’t you hear someone saying “Goooooooood Morning” to you? in that unique and cheeky tone that owns the capability to make you laugh. If you can relate to this, make sure you try out this humouristic phrase with your family and friends.

  • Hey hot thing! You set the place on fire

Don’t you feel the rising temperature? It is because of the sassiness that this statement carries. Greeting someone with “Hey, hot thing! You set the place on fire” completely blows up their mind. It can be rather quoted as a ‘hot’ statement. Apart from the sassiness it also adds a little bit of humor to the atmosphere. Tell this to your friends or your family and check the unexpected reactions!

  • Greetings and salutations

“Greetings and salutations” are a gesture or utterance made as a greeting or acknowledgment of another’s arrival. These words define greetings terms such as ‘hi’, ‘hello’, and ‘bye’. The phrase “Greetings and salutations” completely gives a new meaning to greeting. It is a super fun way to greet someone. The unexpectedness of the statement makes it funnier and trust me you cannot stop laughing once you hear this.

  • Ciao

‘Ciao’ is a french term for greeting someone at the time of their arrival or departure. Using unique words and slang to greet someone always acquires the capability of being extremely funny and humouristic.

Ciao is more of a single laugh receiver than a long laugh or a major humoristic moment. You can use ‘Ciao’ to greet your friends and family. They would love this new way of greeting and you will have a fun conversation with them for a bit! Make sure to use this as a greeting and recommend this to your friends as well.

  • Hey there freshman, what’s up?

“Hey there freshman, what’s up?” is a basic and fundamental greeting statement. It is majorly used to greet new friends or strangers. The term “Freshman” means a new person. So, you can use this phrase to greet new friends or strangers. It adds a little bit of fun to greeting and we are sure that both you and your new friend will have a great time having a little conversation about the same.

  • Howdy! Howdy! Howdy

The term “Howdy” is an informal friendly greeting, particularly associated with the western US states, but it is universal i.e., you can use that phrase anywhere around the globe. It is a short version of ‘hello, how do you do”. This is majorly used with friends and family who are familiar with this term. You can use this phrase to surprise your friends and catch them off guard.

  • Hiya!

Hiya is another informal form of greeting someone. It is an expression said when people who know each other well meet. It kind of challenges the vibe between you and the person you are greeting to. Just like “Howdy” it is an informal way of greeting your friends and family. Try greeting your favourite friends by saying “hiya!” and begin your conversation with a traditionally funny laughter.

  • My name is (your name) and I am a bad guy/girl but I like you

For example, my name is Shweta, now let’s look at this line. Greet your best friend with “My name is Shweta and I am a bad girl but I like you” and watch them get confused to the root.

This funny but cheeky line creates a light humour moment both for you and your best friend. You can try greeting your best friend with this expression and do let us know how did your best friend or the person you expressed this to reacted!

  • Hi Mate

“Hi mate” is a mixed type of greeting. Hence, you can use hi mate to greet formally as well as informally. It is a decent form of greeting and we all have been seeing most of the people greeting each other with either ‘hi or hello mate’. It is difficult to add a funny background to this greeting, but it still counts in the most of the fun ways to say hello to someone.

  • There’s my little munchkin

“There is my little munchkin” is a decent and sweet form of greeting expression. It is majorly used for cute little children but some of the older people also use this greeting expression to greet their friends and family. It is a super sweet type of greeting expression. Also, saying such type of greeting expression to your friend will convert it to funny no matter how unrelated to humour it could be.

  • Where do you come from?

“Where do you come from?” woah, does hearing that makes you feel attacked and surprised? Trust me it is a very unique way to greet someone. The unexpectedness of this greeting expression makes it super funny and humoristic.

It sounds super funny, try this out with your friends and watch them make weird faces when you greet them with this annoying but funny greeting expression. This expression builds up the conversation as well, you can use this expression to form further context of the conversation and it may help you and your friend have a good time together.

  • Here comes the honey bunch with lots of sweetness

“Here comes the honey bunch with lots of sweetness” is a super cute greeting expression. The term “honey bunch” is an informal and affectionate kind of pet name you can give to someone.

The person you will greet with this expression will feel super cute and happy.

It is more of a compliment rather than a funny greeting expression. But it is used at the beginning of the conversation, so we have to consider it as a greeting expression. Try greeting your loved ones with this super cute greeting expression and see them smile madly.

  • Hello, governor

“Hello, governor” is a formal kind of greeting expression, but you can use this phrase even in a sarcastic form to make it funny. Imagine greeting your friends with this expression. They will totally fall for it, expecting something really different.

That condition makes this greeting expression funny. You can use this greeting expression in a perfect condition where the person you are greeting can be called a governor. For example, if they are giving you orders, then you can use this greeting expression as a sarcastic reply to them. It also makes the conversation funny. Try this with your friends and have an excellent conversation with them.

  • Peek a boo

“Peek a boo” is a game that is played with small children where you hide yourself and you say “peek a boo” at the time of revealing your position. Although it is a game that is played with small kids, young people and adults can use this greeting expression to create a funny instance. It is not at all cringy to say “peek a boo” to your friends. It is a funny word phrase; hence, you can use this to have a light moment with your friend.

  • I’m Batman

You must have heard this greeting phrase from the movie batman vs superman. As picked up in the movie, this phrase was used by batman to greet anyone he meets. You can also use this greeting expression to have a funny impact on your friends or family. You can also mimic the voice of batman to make the greeting expression extremely funny.

  • Whaddup

“Whaddup… Whaddup”, you must have heard this phrase many times. It is a super cool kind of greeting expression. Most rappers use this greeting expression to begin their rap. It is a cool way to start a conversation. You should try this with your friends and family. You can also use the rapper’s accent to make it funnier.

Saying hello to someone is refreshing and it might be a good conversation starter too. You can also come with up something funnier than these. Make your hello friendly and funny. Your one simple hello can make someone’s day brighter and give a smile on their smile.


  • Try silly accents to your hello
  • When speaking to a little kid, make funny voices
  • When trying to start a conversation, crack a joke
  • Be sure who are you talking to and be funny only when needed.

If you are trying to impress someone with your humor or you are trying to make someone laugh, these funny ways will surely help you. Being creative is all you need here! These types of sentences will help you even on text when you initiate to start the conversation.

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