124 Funny Ways to Say Goodbye

Fun and excitement should never head out of life even while saying general things like bye. When you are making an exit from anywhere make sure it is memorable and everyone talks about it even after you leave.

Funny Ways to Say Goodbye

Everyone is aware about normal good bye but when you say something funny and unique, people tend to remember it. So to make your farewells interesting, here’s a list of funny ways to say good bye:

Aight! Imma head out

“Aight! Imma head out is a meme that got famous in the internet world. The meme has generated from an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants, where he tries to get out of the chair in the room while closing the television. We all kind of relate to this meme a lot. You can use this meme as your goodbye phrase to raise some giggles among your group study friends. As bringing references converts phrases to comedy, be sure about the timing and go for it!

Peace Out

In the late 1990s, such informal forms of saying goodbye were extremely popular. These casual and semi sarcastic phrases made up the humor in the late 1990s. It is quite humoristic to say such phrases to end a conversation or bid farewell. You must have heard your friends use this phrase an ample number of times amongst their groups and their friends. You should also try this phrase and that review how good it went for you.

I am out of here or I’m out of here

This is a very informal manner of informing your folks that you are bidding farewell, and it should only be used among friends. Using these expressions makes it appear as though you’re excited to be departing, so be mindful of how and when you use them. You can use this statement to sound extremely funny after a tragic situation. The situation makes the joke ten times funnier. We highly recommend you try to use phrases like “I’m out of here” or “I’m out”.

Be right back

“Be right back,” or BRB is an online slang phrase that indicates the user intends to be away from the computer for a brief period of time, usually only a few minutes. It’s most frequent in real-time online communication, such as Internet Relay Chat or instant messaging. It is rarely used for email since there is no expectation that a user is conversing with a sender in real-time. The word is often employed as a measure of courtesy in the event that the other participants in a conversation are perplexed as to why there has been a pause in the dialogue.

You can use this statement to sound extremely cool and funny! It will help you develop a better image of yourself for the other person or friend.


Adios is a word from the Spanish language which stands for goodbye. Its serious meaning is that, but from the adios meme it seems really funny. Adiós Wormhole is a reactive picture macro series that features an image edit of a man in a red shirt and red shorts walking through a wormhole. While jumping into the wormhole the man in the red shirt and shorts says adios. This adds up to meme, thus saying such meme terms will make you the funniest amongst your friends and family. Memes have really revolutionized the internet!

I gotta go

Gotta go is an online slang expression that implies “I have to go.” If you want to leave a chat or a gathering, or if you have some more essential tasks and need to depart, you should use that statement! It is a very casual and informal way of exiting meetings with friends and family. You should use this funny transition of goodbye. Saying goodbye makes it boring while saying “gtg” will make your friends confused and suffer in deep humor vibes. Also, tell us about your experience after using the expression.

I have to keep this meeting short

“Sorry to say, but I have to keep this meeting limited or short” is a phrase used by most people to cut time and end meetings or gatherings that have been taking place over time. It is rather difficult to interrupt an ongoing gathering as people are busy taking action and would not want things to end. It kind of takes many guts to end things like these. We recommend you to use this phrase to end a gathering, as this will not only show that you are no more interested but will also convince the other person that it is over from your side for now.

Talk to ya! Later!

This is an informal and casual form of saying goodbye to your friends and family. We often use this statement with our friends or close allies. This statement is too casual to be used in formal stuff. You can use this to humorously or sarcastically end a conversation with your cool friend.

Until next time!

“Until next time” is comparable to “until we meet again” or “until we meet again.” It is a farewell, implying that you would like to see the individual again. It is a funnier form or piece of “until we meet again or until we meet next time”, you can use this phrase to back out of a meeting or a class or a presentation. It is not casual, so you can use this phrase in even informal places such as schools and offices. Also, after using this statement, do let us know about your experience with “Until next time” down below in the comment section.

Alligator, I’ll see you later!

Easily one of the most common high school remarks you’ve probably heard! It’s also a rock tune from the 1950s and one of the oldest methods to say goodbye. It is a sarcastic way of saying goodbye to someone. You can use this to enjoy yourself with your friends. Calling someone an alligator is not funny, but it comes with a surprise element, it becomes funny because of the element of surprise. You can use this phrase with your school friends and have them awe-struck completely.

These funny ways will definitely be your saviour and leave a good impression on others. These creative phrases will make every face laugh hard. Try your creativity and generate few of your own phrases of saying good bye to people in a funny way.

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